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"Hello and welcome!" from Gordon Melvin, Ipswich-based organiser of this group.

Love the Enneagram? Or Just curious? We're running Enneagram groups and workshops here in East Anglia (UK). Whatever your Enneagram pathway, background or experience, do join us!

The Enneagram Alive mission is to help build a strong community of interest and dialogue, exploration and learning, centred on the Enneagram as a powerful resource for life and for positive change.


Please do join us and stay posted on Enneagram events in the region. Or if you’d like to talk first, contact one of the organiser team – we’d be happy to hear from you.

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Enneagram Journeying with Wings and Arrows

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Enneagram Journeying with Wings Arrows: Going Deeper with The Enneagram
With Helen English

This workshop is about The Enneagram as a living, moving map. It’s for those already familiar with the Enneagram to deepen appreciation of how wings and arrows work, in personal growth and [if applicable] when supporting others. We know The Enneagram is not about ‘boxing’ or fixing people. It’s a dynamic system encouraging movement and change. This workshop is a chance to see just how amazing wings and arrows can be! And how best to draw on the Enneagram as a guide to change.

Within a small and supportive group, you’ll be able to experience the transformational power of the symbol’s Wings and Arrows. In addition to our home base (type/point) there are 4 connected points. These points and movements are vital to our growth path, helping us extend beyond our home point/type and resourcing us in times of change.

The Enneagram really helps us to dig deep when we’re facing unprecedented turbulence on every level: climate crisis, global unrest on such a massive scale. And in the UK uncertainty amidst the Queen's passing, political failures and closer still, anxiety over winter fuel bills and rising costs at every turn. At a deeper level, The Enneagram helps ground us in a profound awareness of connection and interconnection among living beings, in nature and beyond.

Please note this is a Part 2 Workshop so you will have already done one or more Enneagram foundation workshops at Ammerdown or elsewhere.

If you’ve done Enneagram Professional Training or are part-way through, this workshop will provide vital insight into the typing process and how to support clients. There’s much to deepen and ground in the course of this inquiry. If you’re not a professional, but simply interested in taking your learning further, then that’s fine too!

Venue: The Ammerdown Centre, all beautifully held by the intimate space that is Ammerdown's stone-walled 'Trevett Room’.

Booking: Via The Ammerdown website

Cost: £365 Residential. £265 Non-Residential. Fee includes meals, refreshments and course materials.

Helen English is a leading UK Enneagram coach and workshop leader. See www.enneafest.co.uk for more about Helen.

Wondering if it's right for you? Contact [masked]

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Typing, Mistypying, and a new Type Test with Bea Chestnut

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