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Hello and welcome! Love the Enneagram? Or Just curious? We're running groups, workshops and ‘Open Forum’ events as a focal point for Enneagram networking and information here in the North West of England. Whatever your Enneagram pathway, background or experience, do join us! Our mission is to help build a strong community of interest and dialogue, exploration and learning, centred on the Enneagram as a powerful resource for life and for positive change. Please visit our 'Pages' for more information about our Meetup Group and The Enneagram. We’d love you to join us and stay posted on Enneagram events in the region. Or if you’d like to talk first, do contact one of the team – we’d be happy to hear from you.

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Support Steadfast Sixes

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In this meetup we will be learning more about 6s. Sixes believe that they can assure life and certainty by gaining or defying security and avoiding or facing harm through vigilance, questioning and battling or escaping hazards. At best they are loyal and practical with enquiring minds, but at worst can also be paranoid, defensive and self-sabotaging. If you don't know your Enneagram style and would like to find out before the meetup, there is a good free test at https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test. You can also book a personal Enneagram typing interview and report at Enneangel.com. Bear in mind that no test is 100% accurate and the best way to be sure of your Enneagram style is to come to workshops and meetups like this and hear people of the different Enneagram styles talk about themselves.

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Fathoming Fascinating Fives

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