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Love the Enneagram? Or Just curious? We're running groups, workshops and ‘Open Forum’ events as a focal point for Enneagram networking & information here in the South West (UK).Whatever your Enneagram pathway, background or experience, do join us!

Our mission is to help build a strong community of interest and dialogue, exploration and learning, centred on the Enneagram as a powerful resource for life and for positive change.

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Enneagram Alive Webinar Series: The Wisdom of the Inner Triangle

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Karen Webb has worked continually with the Enneagram for over 30 years as an internationally known teacher and author. She will help us unlock the wisdom of the Enneagram's Inner Triangle which joins points 3-6-9. Drawing on a lifetime of deep exploration, Karen explains how the Inner Triangle forms the essential structure and framework of the Enneagram symbol and the wisdom encoded here. She believes the triangle holds the core truth of ALL human experience.
The nine distinct types/points arise from it, are anchored by it and are further expressed in the symbol as a map of the human condition. With characteristic passion she tells us: “Many stories are held here, within the Inner Triangle. The story of bliss and unity. The story of the fall from grace. The story of becoming human animals. Stories that are universal and found in every spiritual path.”
Join Karen at this Enneagram Alive webinar to hear more and take part in the inquiry. In addition to Karen's input here will be time for Q&A and live conversation, chaired by The Enneagram Alive Team.

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The Enneagram's Ancient Egyptian Origins

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