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First Time & location 22-5 @ 2:30-3:30. BIA AGUS CAIFE. Opposite Friary.
A casual, fun, song circle where everyone gets a chance to sing yer blues, starting with the blues guitar and the classic blues opening line, “I woke up this morning.” Don’t be shy.

Bia Agus Cafe

opposite Ennis Friary- Francis Street · Ennis

What we're about

Open to all, SING OUT YER BLUES: Maybe you’ve had a bad day. Maybe more than one. SING O UT YER BLUES is an informal song circle, sharing the stuff of our bad day or days. From the classic blues line, “I woke up this morning,” each member in a circle go-around sings out what cause you to have the blues.

No musical ability is needed. You don’t even have to know how to sing. It’s the group is casual and fun. The idea is to release those pent up frustrations, annoyances and SING OUT YER BLUES. Why suffer alone? Privacy and confidentiality are a must within this group. The group is free, donations cheerfully accepted.

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