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Welcome to Enterprise Digital Transformation NYC (organized by GeneXus USA).

This is Meetup is for IT-managers, c-suite execs, DevOps, software developers, programmers, business and product developers, and anyone who is at the forefront of defining and implementing Digital Transformation strategies for enterprise companies.

We are living in an unprecedented time of change and opportunities for businesses as emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, blockchain, and more, revolutionize "business-as-usual" and companies are forced to digitally transform their entire organizations and systems to meet the demands of new technologies or get left behind.

• How will this impact how companies develop their own technologies (both in-house and for consumers)?

• How does this change the relationship between brands and their customers?

• Which technologies are at the forefront of innovating the enterprise and how are companies using them to reinvent their organizations and business models?

• And, with all of this potential to use technology to streamline and grow business, why are 84% of companies failing at executing successful digital transformation initiatives?


Automation technologies, AI, machine learning, agile techniques and technologies, information architecture, mobile app development, security technologies, big data, the cloud, IoT, fintech, healthtech, insuretech.


In this Meetup, once per month in New York City with our event partners, we will explore and highlight:

(1) the revolutionary technologies that are driving organizations to rethink and restructure their processes and systems;

(2) companies that are both winning and struggling to adopt and implement digital transformation and how they're doing it;

(3) people, companies, and tools at the forefront of defining and leading the digital transformation revolution and their strategies;

(4) company procedures, practices and structures that undergoing massive change and how it is impacting how employees work;

(5) the latest research on trends and technology adoption in organizations (and with their consumers) that will offer valuable insights on how executives and IT managers can define their own digital transformation; and

(6) how GeneXus software helps developers and innovates organizations.


GeneXus (a global company with over 8,500 customers and a community of over 130,000 software developers in over 45 countries) has helped companies to digitally transform for over 30 years. GeneXus is software that creates software. It is AI technology that empower the enterprise to do more than ever before by simplifying and automating software development so that anyone in an organization can create applications without using code -- allowing people to be free to create (not code) software solutions easily and quickly. As our CEO, Nicolas Jodal (https://genexususa.com/our-founders/), says, "True Digital Transformation improves people’s everyday lives!" Learn more at: http://genexususa.com (http://genexususa.com/)


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