How to Build Enterprise Mobile Apps for Android and iOS in 1 Hour


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A live presentation, discussion and Q&A on the future of mobile app development for businesses.

Join the GeneXus Digital Transformation NYC Meetup for our next event as we explore how employees throughout an organization, regardless of their level of technical expertise, can create and launch enterprise mobile apps for the web, Android and iOS -- from in-house apps, to apps for customer engagement and retention. We'll be discussing how companies can empower employees to become independent, digital innovators.

We've received quite a few requests to cover this topic. We look forward to our guest speaker's presentation demonstrating how everyone can contribute to creating meaningful technological solutions (easily and quickly) and to having a lively, informative discussion. (Lite food and beverages served)


A step-by-step overview of how create your first enterprise, mobile app without knowing how to code.

A review of the GeneXus low-code development platform that enables the quick generation of software applications for multiple languages, databases and platforms.

How to quickly launch running web, mobile, and multi-platform applications that update and are maintained automatically.

It all starts with an idea. You probably have a short-list of great, unique ideas for business mobile apps you'd like to develop. Bring them and ask questions! GUEST SPEAKERS

LEIF KARLSEN, Managing Director of Aniak Development, LLC

Leif has over 25 years of technology experience that includes Managerial, Software Engineering, Infrastructure, and Consultancy on an international scale. In his various roles, he has managed the development and implementation of large-scale projects built with diverse development teams located in multiple countries/locations to small single focus teams for a variety of market segments including financial, manufacturing, retail, and military. Managerially he has managed IT departments in medium to large Fortune 500 organizations, and lived in a variety of cities including New York, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Washington D.C. One of his key interests has been the utilization of software to write software (Low Code as we call it today). ANTONIO JULIO, Dir. of Business Dev, GeneXus, North America

Antonio's work experience has taken him through small (Prologica Computers), Medium (SID) and Large (IBM, Compaq, Dell) companies which allows him to engage at any level of business growth. At Dell, as the executive director for enterprise business development, he was responsible for bringing fresh solutions for their new IT, based on applications such as analytics (big-data), database acceleration and cloud infrastructure. In 2014, this new portfolio generated $400mi in additional revenue. Currently he is responsible for developing the GeneXus International business for North America – USA and Canada

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