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Hi guys,

If you clicked on this page, it means that you are a really creative person or someone working in the entertainment industry or both of those things. Either way, welcome!

Our MeetUp provides a place where professionals can gather, share their project and experience, and learn new things in an always changing industry. But it also allows everyone interested in all the things related to artistic creation - such as writing, costume or music making - to take part in creative workshops with amazing guests.

Get ready because you're about to enter a fantastic experience!

See you soon,

Emmanuel - CEO of Perlimpinpin Designers, creator of The Five Tribes Experience


Perlimpinpin Designers is a Limited Company that provides experiences combining sounds, images, lights, electronic sensors, and robotics with technologies arising from the video game universe, the industry, and the spectacle.

Emmanuel Exbrayat, its CEO, has a number of years of experience working in the entertainment industry: he knows how to manage a stage, how to present and run a project both on a short and a long term. He is an expert in stage designs that convey deep messages and allow a true interaction with the audience. His expertise in this field of work is why he decided to create this MeetUp.

Now, what's in there for you? Well, whatever your involvement in the entertainment industry and whether you want to create a project, you're running one or working on one, we thought that it'd be good to open up to other professionals that are going through the same adventure. This MeetUp will provide a savoir-faire, not only from Emmanuel Exbrayat but from other experts as well, and help create/reinforce your network.


The Five Tribes Experience is a three-winged immersive project, based on a book, a game, and a show taking place in a fantasy world we created. Altogether, those 3 parts create a new kind of experience.

It tackles lots of important matters in our current society, such as living together, giving more space to art in our lives and going back to a sense of community that we kind of lost.

This last aspect being the most important one, the goal of this MeetUp is to gather people and involve them in the making of every aspect of this project: collaborative writing, making of the costumes, group thinking on how to improve our consciousness, making of unique musical instruments...

Now, what's in there for you? Well if you consider yourself a creative person; if you want to learn how to uncover the artist inside you; if you want to be a part of a truly unique community; if you are passionate about science-fiction and all the geeky stuff that we personally love; then we're sure you'll find something for you in one of our workshops!

We want you as involved and as pleased as possible, that's why we are going to let you decide what you'd rather do. Every month, we'll give you a few options for workshops. All you have to do is tell us in the comment section which one you want to do and we'll pick the one that has been mentioned the most!


• Video mapping

• Arduino

• Ableton Live

• Music mixing

• Costume making

• Makeup

• Collaborative writing

• Group thinking on our society

• Dance

• Words

• Symbols

More about the project http://www.thefivetribes.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TheFiveTribesExperience
Instagram @thefivetribes_experience
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