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This is a discussion and presentation group for those serious about their inner journey and about addressing obstacles in their lives that may be obstructing their path to personal happiness and fulfillment. We discuss these obstacles and insights for dissolving them as revealed in a sacramental journey.

It's also for people in preparation for a medicine journey like iboga, ayahuasca, psilocybin, or cannabis and particularly those who are seeking to integrate their own entheogenic journey(s) into their daily lives.

We provide a safe, relaxed and comfortable space for sharing with no pressure or expectations. Confidentiality is of great importance and your sharing here is not intended to travel beyond the circle. We are cannabis friendly. We will orchestrate speakers, artists, performances, and other presentations from time to time. If you have such talents or aspirations please contact us.

Meetings are the last Friday of every month 7-9 pm. We share our own inner experiences, questions, and wisdom about the entheogenic journey, ways to prepare for it, set, setting, and intention, one's own spirituality meeting the experience and what that's like, healing, and how it happens, navigating a good trip and a bad trip, the arc of growth post-journey, metaphysical goals, the archetypal journey, sacred geometry, language and consciousness.

Integrating the experiences and knowledge entheogenic ceremonies reveal is I believe integral to our individual and societal health. We've starting this meet-up to help spread the word and share best practices, knowledge, narratives, and community around entheogens. I deliberately use the term "entheogen" instead of psychedelic because the word means 'generating God within' and this is the aspect of what these medicines can do for us that is so profoundly transformative and needed in our society. We believe 'integration' is a three-fold idea: 1) integrating a single journey, 2) integrating many journeys over a long period of time, 3) integrating the use of these substances in our own spirituality, culture, and world in a legal and safe way.

If you have questions or would like to contact us for any reason please click the "contact organizer" button. I welcome all feedback and comments.

Please note, this is an online conversational and presentational meet-up only, while covid lasts. We will be offering psychedelic cannabis experiential journeys AFTER COVID AND BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS!

For the Highest,

Lakshmi and Jack

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