What we're about

Dear Psychonauts:

Awake.net is a non-profit social impact network for the entheogenic community. Our mission is to provide a gathering place for beginners and experienced psychonauts alike to share knowledge, best practices, and guidance for how to prepare for, navigate and integrate a high-dose entheogenic experience.

Integrating the experiences and knowledge entheogenic ceremonies reveal is I believe integral to our individual and societal health. We deliberately use the term "entheogen" instead of psychedelic because the word means 'generating God within' and this is the aspect of what these medicines can do for us that is so profoundly transformative and needed in our society.

We believe 'integration' is a three-fold idea:

  1. integrating a single journey,
  2. integrating many journeys over a long period of time,
  3. integrating the use of these substances in our own spirituality, culture, and world in a legal and safe way.

Awake Circles is hosted monthly on Zoom on the Awake.net platform. Click on Awake Events to find other such events.

For the Highest,
Lakshmi and Jack
Founders, Awake.net

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