What we're about

Going beyond traditional networking, let’s collaborate, share resources, build skills and create ways to better support each other as Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, Creatives, Consultants, Practitioners, Angel Investors, Creatives, Change Agents and Visionaries.

•For the idealists that know it can be done even better, together…
•For the road weary in need of some inspiration and practical support…
•For the visionaries and dreamers that have a great idea but aren’t sure how to implement it…
•For the experts and the experienced that want to help show the way…

Types of Meetups:
We will be having several types of meetups. At least once a month there will be a free meetup to connect and meet each other. In addition, there will be facilitated groups, workshops and guest speakers. These will have varied costs depending on the event.

Some Examples:
• Barn Raising and Brainstorming
• Think Tanks& Problem Solving Round Tables
• Crafting your Message
• Marketing Materials Round Table
• Dreamers and Doers Matchups

Topics to be explored:

Brainstorming and Barn Raising, Creating Effective Collaboration, Group Dynamics, Personality Types, Creating Teams, Team Building, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Building Trust, Collaboration Tools, Support Networks, Social Capital

The Message
Crafting your Message, Marketing Materials Round Table, Blogging, The Power of Language, Communication Styles, NLP, Authentic Communication, Relationship Building, Public Speaking

Idea to Business Model, Proving Concept, Crowdsourcing, Bootstrapping, Barn Raising, Rebranding, Traditional Financing, Alternative Financing, Kickstarter, PR, Alternative Ownership Models, Team Building

Breaking the Box
Creativity, Cultivating Genius, Innovation, Brainstorming, Improvisation , Play, Problem Solving, Design Trends, Humor, Viral Campaigns, Games for Learning

Community 2.0
Social Capital, Laws of Healthy Communities, Science of Connection, Social Intelligence, Power of Social Media, Online Communities, Virtual Worlds, Viral Marketing, User Generated Content, Crowdsourcing, Relationship and Community Building Online and Off

Past events (9)

SPECIAL EVENT: An "All-in" Life

Hotel Northampton

SPECIAL EVENT: What's Next? "All-in" Collaboration

Hotel Northampton

SPECIAL EVENT: What's Next? An "All-in" Future

Hotel Northampton

Power, Passion and Purpose Retreat

Angels Rest