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This Meetup is for women who have been driven by ideas they believe in so strongly that they often give up steady jobs, hours of sleep, and any sense of security to be an entrepreneur.

It’s time to end the struggle with money and finally master this area of our lives. When you become a money master, your life will be an example of true prosperity. Money issues are issues of self-worth. In other words, our self-worth determines our net worth. Until we feel worthy of charging clients what were worth the great life we desire will continue to slip through our fingers.

I will be making $10,000 a month by March 30, 2019. I've sowed my seeds it's now time to reap my rewards. This Meetup is for women who are action oriented, risk takers, accountable and successfully in their chosen business. We will Meet-up by zoom or in person twice a month at first then once a month after the ground work has been establish.

Prerequisite: Must have read two books about money

My favorites: Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

You are a Bad_____ at Making Money - Jen Sincero


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