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This is acollaborative environment to brainstorm, share and learn from each other!

Aspiring, early-stage startup founders and seasoned entrepreneurs meet twice a month to discuss their challenges in the entrepreneurial journey! Bring your challenge and let's brainstorm together! What if the solution is a different approach? A different market-segment? A different technology? A different product? What if someone else in the room has been there, done that!

Are you just starting in this journey? Nothing to worry about! I think everybody has something to share even in early stages, and everybody has something to learn as well. We'll talk about best practices, strategies, and mistakes to avoid.

The format is simple. We all turn up with one or a couple of challenges in mind, what is that burning pain in your business right now? Then we pick each others brains for ideas on how we can take our businesses forward. We can use hi-tech problem-solving tools: post-its and pens! a couple of dices and see what happens... just keep it simple and relaxed.

You’ll find that many of the entrepreneurs in the room have gone through or are going through the same challenges. What better way to get the answers you need than brainstorming with like-minded creative people?

This is not a place to sit passively and hear "an expert" talking for an hour to buy their products or services! There are too many meet-ups like that, come to actively participate and bring value to everybody in the group, and meet other people with the same interests, goals and perspective on life.

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