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The Entrepreneur Club is a supportive community group consisting of very successful and motivated individuals. This group is made up of entrepreneurs, internet business & marketers, consultants, salespeople, business leaders, startup businesses and property investors.

We get together every month, face to face (where possible) to talk about business, marketing, small and medium business enterprises and success in life.

Driven and passionate highly talented and motivated individual interested in working together to continually improving your entrepreneurship, business, marketing and small business activities. takes pride in your own work enjoys intelligent conversation & interactions creative thinking excited about technology and internet business and marketing want to connect with like minded people above all want to have fun and connect with other successful people The Entrepreneur Club is for people who want to have Fun and achieve success.

Only come along if you want to make entrepreneurship, startups and internet business fun as you go! Come join, come to a meetup, turn up at some of the events and meet some awesome people!

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The Art of Social Selling: Embrace - Engage - Educate

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You've heard of social selling. But, what really is it?

Social selling is the art of using LinkedIn to promote your brand, expertise, and services. It's a proven way to generate more conversations, gain more leads and increase your sales.

For our next Business Owners Smashing It Online, our guest speaker, Con Sotidis will help us understand "The Art of Social Selling: Embrace-Engage-Educate"

This session will outline how you too can use social selling in your business to “embrace” the platform and create a “rockstar” profile, “explore” the LinkedIn landscape to create a tribe, and “educate” your following on your product or expertise.

You will learn how to position yourself as the thought leader and subject matter expert in your field and how to leverage your brand to gain new connections, clients, and increased sales.

Con Sotidis is Business Development Manager with MCG Quantity Surveyors – Australia’s leading quantity surveyor company and People’s Choice Award Winner for 2021 & 2022.

More recently he has been a Social Media strategist supporting small business, entrepreneurs and job seekers establish an effective brand on LinkedIn and coaching his clients to leverage their brand to gain new connections, clients and increased sales.

Con’s business development and account management experience saw him be one of the leading salespeople in his industry and he is now sharing this experience with his new role in the quantity surveyor space.

Con has seen firsthand how the buyer's journey has changed. Buyers are now more educated than ever before, and this is impacting the traditional sales model. You need to position yourself as the thought leader and subject matter expert in your field.

Practicing what he preaches, Con is very active on social media having been nominated in the Top 11 L&D tweeters in Australia as well as being judged as the No. 1 blog to follow in the Top 15 International HR Blogs for 2015.

Con is a qualified accountant, a certified HR professional (CAHRI), a specialised facilitator and trainer, a fellow of the Asia Pacific Institute of Learning and Performance and a Graduate of the Social Media Manager School and Jamie Shank’s Sales for Life – SPEAR Program.

You can contact Con via:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/consotidis/
Social Selling Warrior: https://www.linkedin.com/company/socialsellingwarrior

RSVP now at https://ezyurl.co/bosio and save the DATE May 31,[masked] PM AEST. Looking forward to seeing all of you smashing business owners!

Free Publicity Secrets Masterclass

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The Free Publicity Secrets Masterclass on June 11, 2022, will reveal how you can go from being the world's best-kept secret to a star!

Visit https://freeprsecrets.com/ to join...

If you have a great story, product, service or message and not enough people know about it, you'll love the Free Publicity Secrets Masterclass.
The content-packed Masterclass is hosted by Aldwyn Altuney, aka Media Queen, and draws on her 38 years of insider media experience.

The unique, proven system to gain online and offline free publicity will take you from being the world’s best-kept secret to being a star!

Gaining free publicity gives you CREDIBILITY, PROFILE and AUTHORITY. You’re seen as THE expert and suddenly you’re in demand. Clients clamour to work with you and you can command higher prices than your competitors.

Too often, business owners think that getting free publicity is like finding the ‘holy grail’!

Aldwyn is here to tell you, it’s easy if you know how.

Visit https://freeprsecrets.com/ to join...

At the event, you’ll learn:

  • Aldwyn's proven, step-by-step method to gain over $1 million worth of free publicity in mainstream media (TV, radio, print) and online media (podcasts/ TV shows) globally
  • The 9 angles you can use to get media coverage that journalists LOVE (hint: they are not interested in promoting your business – but they ARE interested in the newsworthy hook in what you or your business does)
  • How to write a press release that gets attention (and why over 99% of press releases end up in the bin)
  • Dealing with the media – overcoming any fears or nerves and how to come across in a way that’s powerful and credible
  • The mechanics of being a good interview guest. Get it right and you’ll be asked back time and again, whenever the media outlet needs a ‘spokesperson' or ‘expert’ in your area
  • Turning your free press into money in the bank. This includes capturing the press you get and distributing it, as well as directing people to your websites and social media pages to build leads and sales
  • Getting free online publicity. Yes, you can get loads of FREE coverage from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn… if you know what you’re doing & loads more...

Visit https://freeprsecrets.com/ to join...

PS – others have paid thousands for the information Aldwyn will be sharing at this event. Since she's committed to change more lives in 2022 and help more savvy business owners thrive, this masterclass is only $197 for you. Now is the time! Here's to your media success!

PPS - Aldwyn stands for more truth and good news in the media to help decrease depression, anxiety and suicide rates. What do you stand for? She'd love to hear from you at the live event.

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