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What the hell is UX Writing?

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What the hell is UX Writing?


People interact with digital products and services every day. We buy clothes, binge-watch series, book trips, or even pay taxes. The user experience might be different on each product or service, but there's something that's always there: Words.

In this session, Senior UX Writer Mario Ferrer will look at how UX Writers can help products and services leverage language to guide users and help them complete their tasks. We'll also go over insightful microcopy examples from different companies and some helpful and easy to apply guidelines.

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About Mario Ferrer.

Mario is a Senior UX Writer at King, where he helps make products and services become more human one microcopy at a time. He leverages language to make sure every piece of text delivered to users is clear, concise, and useful.

Mario has spent the last ten years of his career working with words across several industries like advertising, travel, tech, and now mobile games.

Ronda de Sant Pere, 16 · Barcelona