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More Ways To Find New Clients, More Ways To Make Your Business More Attractive

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Successful people surround themselves with others who are successful. Our group are successful entrepreneurs, some just starting out, some long in the tooth who meet monthly to discuss new and innovative ways to attract clients. We do so opposite the Bank Of England, because that's where the money is.Please register at our site as well as here. Please Register Here To Secure Your Seat (

It's run workshop style so that everyone leaves with personalised takeaways. We start at 2pm and end at 7pm with some food and drinks supplied. Plenty of time for networking too.

The first session is how to resolve a lot of pain, awkwardness and angst: we have the answer to the big question: “with so much to do, what should I do next?” - you are going to love the answer. It is so simple, obvious and easy, yet the implications: profound. You can literally sort out your year.

Then onto the GKIC London curriculum, this month we are going to talk about getting the ‘mix’ right. Ever been to see a band but the whole thing sounded a bit flat? Engineers are on hand to manage the sound so it fits the acoustics of the room, well they don’t always get it right and its the same in business except if you don’t get the mix right, then your business is likely to fall flat on it’s face. No one wants that.

In the final session one entrepreneur, this month Graham Rowan will be peeling away the curtains and showing us behind the scenes what he really does and what really works.

That’s three sessions, each better than most information products, each with years of wisdom and commentary poured in. We get off with a fast start 2 till 3pm, break for an hour, pickup at 4pm for GKIC London and will run through till 6 with drinks served then for networking. You are welcome to stay as long as you like, the restaurant is highly recommended.

An afternoon of imbiblification! An an extremely pleasant networking and learning environment at at an easy to get to central London location. Feel free to drink in the good humour, information and fun. Not to be missed.