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3 Keys You Need To Know To Promote Your Business Effectively Now


Do you have a product or service that can enhance or even transform someone’s life and business in a massive way? Are you struggling to get that product out in the marketplace no matter how hard you try? All too often, entrepreneurs and business owners create amazing products that aren’t seen or used by anyone because they fail to market properly to position themselves and their products in the market effectively.

Are you an entrepreneur stuck doing everything in your business?

Have you struggled to find enough time to gain more clients and customers and market your service or product effectively because you are stuck doing tasks that you shouldn’t be focusing on?

Do you find yourself spending more time working IN your business rather than ON your business?

Every brand occupies a specific space in the consciousness of the consumer based on their own experiences and those of others – which may or may not be reality. The 3 P's of Marketing will help you determine which strategy will promote your message to its greatest advantage so that you make more sales, gain more clients, and share what you have to offer with the right market.

In this Mastermind, you will discover how to market yourself and communicate your message effectively:

- To attract quality leads who want your specific service or product

- Convert your leads into clients who buy consistently

- Create consistent streams of income to grow your business and your life


Chris Ternate, Founder of Web Geek Studios, which helps entrepreneurs to create online sales funnel that close sale-after-sale-after-sale!

Chris has years of combined business and technology experience. And has built effective sales funnels for a wide variety of industries including telecommunications, film, information marketing, workshop and seminar industries.

Chris is a graduate of Psychology and Business.

Also, Chris enjoys strategy games like chess, reading books, and hiking.

Come prepared to Mastermind and network with others and share ideas for creating the ultimate business breakthroughs. Be ready to work ON your business, rather than IN your business, with the helpful perspectives of others outside of your business.

Seats are limited and will be taken quickly, so RSVP right now to reserve your seat in this entrepreneur business Mastermind event.