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Ultimate Meetup Mashup
What is the Ultimate Meetup? The idea is that this is a night of celebration and story telling for you and an opportunity for different local meetups to get exposure to each other and make new connections. TLDR; A mash-up of all local meetups coming together to share and celebrate! We'll have celebratory pizza and the coolest little cash bar at hand, some great stories to share, those of awesome meetups participants, and music. There is a door charge of $10 for the occasion - RSVP at this link: The detail; This whole thing has come together really fast in conversation with Karl and Cathrine the organisers of the Design Thinking meetup We are eager to get your input & suggestions on how we can make this thing happen + reflect the spirit and diversity of our various meetups. So if you want to share your story of what you do and your participation at Entrepreneurs meetup, here is what you can do: - get your phone out of pocket - turn camera setting to selfie - record a short video (1 min max) Dont worry if there a few 'umms'' 'ahhhs' the video crew can just edit that out Speak about the when and the why you attend this Meetup Share a big win from your perspective, why & how did the group help, what's transformed you? - Once you done, upload it to the Google Drive Folder here: Cut off date for your videos is 16th November 2018. Your clip will be integrated in a celebratory video :-) We keen for the final crescendo to cut together a clip with all answering the question: "What would you say to people that are looking at connecting, learning and deepening their knowledge?" So if you could end your video answering this question e.g "Definitely check out the XYZ MeetUp", "Come along and get inspired", "You'll love the people" etc.. Awesome! We are so excited to share this end of year celebration with all of you. Please let us know if you have any questions, ideas, thoughts- we would love your input. P.S If filming your own video seems too daunting we can come to you just flick me an email :)


148 Durham St · Tauranga