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An entrepreneur is anyone who assumes the risk and responsibility for creating something new in the world, and they get to share the rewards - social, environmental, cultural... and yes, even financial (if that's your goal). Join others on the entrepreneurial journey - together we'll make an impact and support each other to thrive!

Whether you're a student, an employee, a business owner, a homemaker, a parent - if you want to, or are already, taking steps to create something new, this is your Meetup.

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A first opportunity to meetup this year and: share ideas within the local entrepreneurial community find out about the resources, tools and workshops available to support your entrepreneurial journey ask questions, get answers about things that matter to you influence the programme with your suggestions for upcoming meetups So if you: have a business idea 'bubbling away' that you need help with want to grow your existing business wish to share skills or find people with complementary skills [IT, marketing, social media etc] Come along! This time around, no speakers, no presentations, just an open mic, and your two-minute turn to start with and kick start the magic! How Open-mic sharing works? 2 min to tell the group what you are working on, what you need help with. Your time to put it out there! Groups then form around the challenges and discuss how it might be address Learn a thing or two! See you then

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