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Entrepreneurs in London is Europe's biggest business meetup group and we exist to help you be the best you can be and to make your journey to the top a bit easier, less lonely and more fun.

Over the last 11 years we have been running the best entrepreneurial meetups and talks in London.

We have over 200 positive reviews and only 3 negative ones.

We always stand behind our promise for a great event or your money back. There are meetups that are cheaper than ours, but we will never be out-competed on quality, so if you didn't believe it was worth every penny simply tell us and we will happily refund you.

What drives us:

Entrepreneurs are BY FAR the biggest driving force behind the positive change in the world. We are the change-makers making a better tomorrow, but because it's such a worthwhile journey, it's also a hard, lonely and flooded with pitfalls.

We help you get through the maze quicker and easier by giving you the four most important elements you need to build your dreams: Connections - Know-how - Inspiration - Community

5 reasons why should you join us.

1) Our events are a bit more fun.

We are serious about business but we are also serious about having fun. We put a lot of thought and preparation into making our events a bit more fun.

2) Great speakers.

We very carefully select our speakers to be top experts that are engaging in their delivery.Boring self-serving speakers are "illegal" in Founder Nation. Most other groups take whatever they can getaway with. But we would rather have NO event than an event with a bad speaker. Our speaker list boast top entrepreneurs from around the world and even Richard Bransons right hand man.

3) A special vibe.

How do you describe a vibe? It's almost impossible, but our events have that special something that is very hard to describe... you just have to experience it. I believe that the reason for our special vibe are the "WHY's" that drive us and this has attracted a special tribe.

4) A Special Tribe:

Our members are pretty awesome and that's ultimately what creates that vibe I just talked about.. we can't create that alone... we can only set the stage in looking for the right kind of people for our community.

5) Professional caring crew.

All our crew are selected with three criteria in mind. They have to genuinely love people, have a passion for entrepreneurship and have a professional serving attitude. As opposed to almost all other meetups we actually give our crew proper training. I'm pretty sure you will see the difference and love them.

Who is our meetup for?

We exist to help Entrepreneurs that have TWO qualities:

1) They are deadly serious Entrepreneurs that are not going to be stopped by anything to see their dreams come through. In our world, being a deadly serious entrepreneur doesn't have anything to do with the stage you are at in your business... it's a mindset that leaves behind a trail of actions.

We want to support the totally committed entrepreneurs, because we know that being totally committed is the ONLY way anyone will reach their dreams. Being interested in or merely wanting to become an entrepreneur is not going to cut it.

2) There are 2 types of people in the world, Givers and takes. We welcome the givers with open arms, because they are the ones that will make a difference in the world.

Takers are not welcome in FOUNDER NATION, because whatever short-term success they might have, they leave a trail of misery them and that just not "our bag".

But if you genuinely want to make a difference in the world I think you will love our community. We support you and celebrate your "crazy" ideas. So if you fit the description above come join us today.

We can't wait to see you.

Patrick M. Powers - Founder of Entrepreneurs In London and Founder Nation


To your success and happiness - Patrick M. Powers

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Free Publicity Secrets. With PR Manager from Seedrs: Tessa Bryant

Get your super discounted ticket now for just 8£ ( full price and door price £25) Are you looking for ways to generate more awareness of your brand and don’t know where to start? Do you wish you had a PR agency but the time isn’t right to commit to their high fees? You’re not alone! As the PR Manager for leading European equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs, Tessa Bryant understands startup PR better than most. To grow and scale your operation you cannot always commit to external suppliers, but you still need a media presence to help your brand become famous. The purpose of this event is to empower you to build relationships with journalists who can help bring your brand to the attention of investors and customers with a few tips. We will cover the basics of PR including: How to pitch yourself and your brand to the media. How to Stand Out From the Competition How to define interesting news-hooks that will get the interest of the press, Tips on drafting an engaging press releases. Most importantly how to make contact with the right journalists.

Founders Night Out. The best way to combine fun and business.

Get your ticket now for just £5. PLEASE note only a few tickets are available at this price. Full price and door price £25. Founders Night Out is London's most UN-BORING business networking event. Don't miss the fun and excitement of being with other brilliant founders and entrepreneurs. Connections are created, Ideas Shared, Friendships made, Lives changed. Our members love the informal format of Founders Night Out... Just bring your good attitude and a lot of business cards. - Some come to network and create connections. - Some come to relax and have fun with like-minded entrepreneurs. - Some come to get and share ideas that will take their business to the next level. - Some come to find investors and Investors come to find new profitable projects. But the only way to really get a feel for how great the people and the vibe are is to simply come and experience it. This is what some of our attendees has said about our networking events: "Have to say, of all the networking events I've been to, Entrepreneur In London had the best atmosphere! Well done for bringing together such a great group of people." - Casper Great first experience, met a lot of interesting people and left with new ideas/contacts I found very useful. ” Patrick the organiser speaks from experience and a passion to help others. Thanks again..Shaz Brilliant meetup again. Great networking. Patrick is a star! David Tee This was my first time and wont be the last. It's even worth coming down from Leeds for it, as I met so many interesting people and the venue was great too, hope it's there again soon. Thanks, Patrick,keep it up Steve Time: 7PM-10PM Price: £25 on the door (if any tickets left) Please note... the closer we get to the event the higher the price will be and it can increase any minute. Also... Many of our events sell out prior to the event so it's unlikely there will be any door tickets. ALSO make sure that you pay when you RSVP to lock in the low price listed at that moment. PLEASE: BEFORE CONTACTING US WITH QUESTIONS read these 6 FAQ's which will answer 99% of your questions. Q: Can I buy a ticket on the door? A: MAYBE. You can buy one IF there are any tickets left, BUT PLEASE NOTE door ticket cost A LOT MORE more than the online tickets. For this event door tickets are £20 Q: I don't have a paypal account.. is there another way to pay? A: No unfortunately at this point paypal is the only way. We are working on other ways and will of course announce it as soon as we have it. Q: My plans have changed and I cannot make it anymore... Can I get a refund? A: Yes IF you send us an email to request a refund NO LATER THAN TWO DAYS BEFORE AN EVENT. As we are inundated with emails it can take a few days to get it processed... and especially in the days around an event we are super busy … please be patient with us. Q: What's the dresscode? A: Casual smart or Casual Business. Q: I have something valuable for your members... Can you send out a message for us? A: Yes as a sponsor we can get you known to our members. Please get in touch to discuss sponsorship options. Can't wait to see you there - Patrick M. Powers About Entrepreneurs in London We are the biggest business meetup group in Europe and Over the last 10 years we have been running the best entrepreneurial meetups and talks in London. We have hundreds of positive reviews and only 4 negative ones. We always stand behind our promise for a great event or your money back. There are meetups that are cheaper than ours, but we will never be out-competed on quality, so if you didn't believe it was worth every penny simply tell us and we will happily refund you. Our mission is to make life easier for entrepreneurs. We give you access to valuable connections and the know-how and inspiration you need to win in today’s ultra-competitive world.

Crew Introduction Training and Drinks

Location revealed after you apply

Dear Entrepreneur Europe's Biggest Business meetup is looking to expand our amazing crew. If interested please read. Who We are: Founder Nation London is a community of over 27,000 Entrepreneurs which makes us the 2nd biggest business meetup in the world. Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs speed up their journey to greater success and make a bigger difference in the world. We are just about launch our own platform and go global and provide new ways to support the entrepreneurial community so it's going to be an exiting time to be on the crew in the next few years. These are the requirements to be on the crew. 1. You love people. 2. You can be punctual. 3. You are coachable and teachable. 4. You can participate in at least 6 events a year with no longer than 2 months in between. 5. You want to make a difference. It's not a paid position, but you will get to be in the inner core of Europe's biggest business meetup group and here are the main benefits 1. We do lots of crew events both to hang our and have fun, but you also get valuable training in personal development, communication and marketing skills etc. 2. You will become part of a fast growing community that makes a big difference in the entrepreneurial world. 3. You get to attend all regular events for free, both networking and talks. and ... did I mention fun and friendships? The regular crew members are really building amazing friendships that many times result in business opportunities. You would be helping to run events, which are typically in the evening from around 6-7pm. You need to be able to be there at least 30 minutes before an event starts. Most of your functions will be to make people feel welcome and check them in at the door. Light logistical stuff also might be involved at some events, like setting up a room. If interested contact me on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/patrickmpowers linkedin here https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickmpowers/ And briefly describe why you want to be part of our mission to create the strongest entrepreneurial tribe in the world. Please note that we will have other dates for the crew training so if you cannot attend this one go ahead and contact me After a brief training of about an hour we will go out for drinks to socialize. Patrick M. Powers This is a by invitation only event. You cannot simply RSVP... you must contact me with your application.

Inside The Mind of An Extra-Ordinary Entrepreneur.

Spaces Works


It's a special pleasure to present to you a rare and deep insight into how the mind of an extra-ordinary entrepreneur works. Ray Noppe started his first business business at 22 on a day where he had been rejected at job interviews. While he was waiting for the bus to go home he got a business idea. On the same day he started that business for less than £100 and next day he sold out of his stock. Second day he doubled the stock and sold out again. He eventually had 150 people selling his products for this business. He then started a string of successful businesses. Most of them were started almost by "accident" and he was never motivated by making money. What is the craziest thing is though that in most of these businesses he had NO background in them whatsoever ... yet went on to make millions from them. Here are a few of the types of businesses he started Sign production business Car painting A printing business which became South Africa's biggest coaster printer A marketing agency He then moved into tech and has built several successful tech companies and also created an app which he sold to Google. Ray has an incredible way of viewing the world and you will probably learn more about success mindset on this evening than from a so-called mindset guru. You will understand how to execute quicker. More effective at executing ideas How to stop procrastinating How to organize yourself better And much more I have known Ray for while now and its taken me years to get him to come and speak for us... don't miss this rare chance to learn from an extraordinary Entrepreneur. Cheers - Pat

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