• Public Speaking For Beginners

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    Learning public speaking is without a doubt the most powerful thing you can ever do for your life and career. I lived with public speaking fear for decades and it stopped me from getting ahead in my business and my life. NOBODY deserves that... you definitely don't need to. I want to help you take the first important steps to mastering this most important skills. Public speaking for beginners is a 2,5 hour course for beginners to help you get started on the journey to become an amazing public speaker. We will cover these subject. - Why we are afraid of public speaking and how you can overcome it permanently - What the audience really wants from you. - Hollywood's secrets to charisma and confidence. - Your most powerful tool to WOW any audience. - The fastest way to improve your impact in any situation. And much more We will be doing fun exercises and you will come away with skills and insights that will help you become more confident and move towards being the public speaker you want. This course is for beginners, but you will also get great value even if you have a bit of experience in speaking in public. -------------------------------------------------------------------- About your Public Speaking trainer: Patrick M. Powers Patrick M. Powers is an award winning entrepreneur and one of UK's top experts on public speaking and communication skills. He is the creator of the PowerSpeak Method and founder of the biggest business meetup in Europe, now with over 25,700 members and has personally run and spoken at over 500 events. He is the author of several business books, including How to Conquer fear of Public Speaking Having struggled with severe public speaking fear and social anxiety he became obsessed with finding ways to quickly overcome this problem and learning the secrets to being an influential, impactful speaker. After studying with some of the greatest speaker trainers in the world and making personal breakthroughs he realized that one of his most important missions in life was to change the world one speaker at a time. He has been featured on BBC, Forbes and some of the world's biggest podcasts. He believes public speaking is the single biggest edge you can give yourself in business and life. He is passionate about creating more effective speakers, leaders and communicators that want to make a positive difference in the world. What's unique about the PowerSpeak method is that it focuses on 7 different areas to make you an irresistible and influential speaker or leader in any situation. 1: Voice Power. Learning to use your voice in is probably THE most powerful element of becoming a great speaker. 2: Overcoming fear of public speaking. 3: Language and the science of persuasion. 4: Story telling. 5: Body language. 6: The structure of a compelling talk, presentation or pitch. 7: Emotional Delivery and Connection. ​Patrick currently lives in Surrey UK and travels all over the world to deliver his unique strategies and tactics for influence and success.