How To Become an Unstoppable Sales Machine. A Revolution in Sales Tactics

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Entrepreneurs In London
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Discover The Advanced “Mind-Control” Tactics That Can Help
You Close More Sales Than You Ever Thought Possible…
Even If You Have NEVER Made A Sale In Your Life.

The Exceptional Sales Genius From The Swizz Alps That
Can Revolutionize Your Sales, FINALLY in the UK.

Dear Entrepreneur.

What if you could completely mesmerize prospects and clients, drastically reduce or even avoid objections, transform yourself into an unstoppable confident sales-machine and boost your business within weeks?

If that sounds appealing, pay close attention because you are about to learn advanced tactics and mindsets that can make you a better sales closer than you even thought possible.

My whole life I’ve been studying the best sales people and marketers and I thought I knew what good sales tactics were about, BUT…. recently I met a guy that completely blew me away.

This guy started out in business and sales, HATING rejection so much he forced himself to continue improving... until he closed 100% of the deals.

He has been exceptionally successful in business. Just one of his achievements was starting a company that did £500,000 in the first month.

After a few sessions with him, I started having breakthrough after breakthrough in my confidence, my ability to sell and getting what
I want, so I knew had to bring him to the UK.

These are just a few of the things you will learn from this MUST-HEAR Talk.

- The SEVEN FATAL URGES of Sales People. You must avoid these like
the plague, because even giving into ONE of these might destroy the sale.

- The advanced reverse sale.

- The ultimate state of mind for super sales people.
Being in this state will lead to language patters that
almost hypnotize your prospects to buy from you.

- The number #1 closing tool 95 % of sales people never use.

- The ultimate weapon to maximise every sale.

- What Kern learned from a toothless sales person that propelled him to become a superstar 1-in-1 closer.

- The counter-intuitive sales weapon. 90% never master this technique but when YOU do you will automatically close more business.

- Why you don't need to pitch to sell.

- How to never get any objections. And yes, this is actually possible.

- The cardinal sin that will repel customers like water on a duck.

- The seriously cool thing to say to the dreaded "Ill think it over"...

- How to ramp up desire and urgency to the level where the only thing prospects can say is YES.

- Advanced strategic selling to decrease the sales cycle.

- How one lady's committed NO, was turned into an instant YES.

AND so much more

If you want to realize your potential as a business or owner and go to the very top you simply MUST hear these unique strategies. This really is next level stuff.

More about the speaker:
Kern Frost is an entrepreneur, sales genius and expert on influence, negotiation, strategic thinking and management.

Here are just SOME of his amazing achievements:

He has built multiple businesses from scratch and turned failing businesses around in short order.

He is a former Freelance Business Editor for CNN and London International Television.

His closing rates have been up to 100% in some businesses.

He built a company in Beirut from scratch to 150 staff and
£3.3 million turnover in just 12 months.

He helped a private tourist club go from ZERO - 500k per month turnover in three months.

Created another Start-up that did £50,000 in WEEKLY sales from first week.

He has authored 16 books, Among other :“How to Make a Million in 21 weeks starting now”

I can promise you will not only be blown away by the content he will deliver, but you will also be entertained… he is one of the weirdest and funniest entrepreneurs I’ve met.

So grab your early-bird ticket today and get ready for one of the best talks of your life.

After the talk we will hang and have some fun at a nearby bar.