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Calling Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with a winning mindset that are ready to take their business to the next level!

Do you feel that your product is great and your business could grow but there is something that is stopping you from achieving that goals? Do you feel you are in front of a road block? Would you like to learn strategies to shake off this situation and STEP UP?
Or do you think your business is already going well and could do with some tips to make it even better?

If you resonate with the above description this meet up is for you! We will organise networking events where we will introduce you to different techniques to increase your clientele and give you the tools to grow your business fast.

Huge benefits from our meet up:

- Network with other business owners and creating a community of people that support each other and create win win situations.

- At least one HUGE event per month with more then 50/60 attendees (not bigger so that we allow you all to interact with each other)

- Massive knowledge from workshops and seminars (with successful Entrepreneurs and National Speakers) and events with massive discounts (some free tickets give away)

- Grow your database of potential clients (remember that your NETWORK equal your NET-WORTH)

- Learning how to step out of your comfort zone and leverage from the new "you"

- Personal development events and workshops and catch ups

And a lot more...

Stay tuned, lots of workshops coming up!

Look forward to catch with you and understand where you would like to take your business and your life at! Let's STEP IT UP!!!!!

Watch Short Video of A FUN EMPOWERING EVENTS Night!

Check out QUICK and FUN VIDEO of Empowering Events

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FREE Online Marketing Workshop - the LAST for the year!!!

Online event

ATTRACT LEADS AND GROW YOUR NETWORK THE RIGHT WAY! Did you know that there’s almost 2.2 billion active Facebook users in a month??! Crazy isn’t it? If you think about it, that’s 2.2 billion possible clients and leads for your business! But how do you get these people to notice you? BE INVINCIBLE online! On my next half day workshop I’ll be sharing heaps of priceless tips and strategies on how you can go from INVISIBLE to INVINCIBLE online and offline! You'll learn the ideal way to: - Fill rooms and get loyal followers - Convert your following into clients - How to make yourself stand out at networking events. - How to grow and explode your network without paying for Facebook Ads ….and so much more! If you are wanting to achieve the INVINCIBLE Status online and offline, this is the perfect workshop for you! This is the exact blueprint that my clients are implementing to BOOM their businesses! BE SEEN and STAND OUT! Join us and reserve your seat here: https://e.empoweringevents.com.au/free-workshop

Free Webinar: 5 Mistakes in Business & how to avoid them!

Online event

Are you wanting to grow your business but don’t have the right strategy on where to start? Okay so this may be obvious but if you want 3 simple solutions to achieve success in business, then keep reading.⁣ Of course, there are many circumstances that can lead to success, but I have narrowed it down to 3. ⁣ ⁣ 1. Take risks - You have to go for it! Many people aren’t willing to just go for it, but if you don’t take the risks, then you’re not going to get the benefits on the other side. ⁣ 2. Never give up - You need to be willing to take those risks and be okay to lose sometimes and fail. Just stay committed to your goal and keep on going.⁣ 3. Trust - Trust your gut and the path you are on, as well as your clients, money and your business. Have faith it will work out and this is the way it’s supposed to be. If you want to know more how you can create success for your business, join me and Yolanda Alvares on 9th December at 11am AEST. This is a FREE Webinar for everyone who wants to get their business to the next level. ⁣ STOP HIDING! Join us here: https://e.empoweringevents.com.au/webinar

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