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What we’re about

We are stronger when we work together.

We know that lasting progress is only possible when everyone has a voice and a chance to contribute. We actively seek out diverse perspectives and experiences, knowing that they make us smarter and more effective. We believe that the best ideas come from collaboration, not punditry.

Bringing people together doesn’t mean uniformity. We celebrate our differences and use them as catalysts for innovation. Our diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and orientations makes us better problem-solvers and more resilient in facing challenges.

Do you have a business idea? Or do you dream about innovating a new product? This hub is for people who want to learn and share their knowledge about start-ups, businesses, entrepreneurship and innovation and recent trends in the market and of course the most important one is to have FUN! We gather in different awesome places in Melbourne to meet, chat and socialize and also increase our knowledge... Don't miss the chance to be one of us!