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Envision Agile Toronto Meetup : Anti-Patterns in Agile + Coaching Simulation

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Ibraheem-Ola H.


1st session: The Silent Killer of Every Team - Multitasking

Join Sam as he explores the pitfalls of multitasking.
Do you feel that you're juggling multiple items and still not getting much done?
What about your team members? Find out how multitasking impacts individuals, teams, project performance, and your organization's strategic goals.
And what you can do about it to become more effective with your time and effort.

Sam's Bio:
Sam Zahreddine began and remains a software developer at heart.
He's applied and experienced the benefits of Lean Kanban, Scrum and XP with multiple teams and organizations.
These experiences allowed him to teach those practices to teams and leadership alike to scale Agile Transformations.
Most recently he has been involved with Agile transformation initiatives in the financial industry.

2nd session: Effective yet effortless coaching

What is coaching about?
How can coaching help me in my professional life?
How effortlessly can I learn coaching skills?
How can I get more effective at coaching?
How can coaching help my leadership style?

Are those questions familiar to you? If so, please join us for the
“Effective Yet Effortless Coaching” session. In this session, Shahin
will show you how effortlessly you can start to coach a person, and
how by practicing simple techniques you can become a more effective

Shahin's Bio:
Shahin is the founder and principal coach at Elevate Change Inc.
Shahin is passionate about helping organizations become high
performing and achieve their utmost potential. Offering over 13
years of experience Shahin has strong expertise in applying agile
and lean values & principles to organizational transformations and
personal elevations. He has research & development experience,
mid-size level engagement, as well as engagement with top names such
as Scotiabank, TELUS, CBC, and SAP. He heavily believes in the value
of communities and in his spare time he leads the Agile Lunch
community in his hometown Toronto and helps others with building