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Epic Gaming is proud to host gaming events from all across all gaming genres and interests. From board games to esports, we welcome all skill levels and niches to bring their friends, settle in, and have a great time. Don't see something you're interested in here? No problem! We're always excepting new events, as space and time are available. Send us a message to get started today!

Upcoming events (4+)

Digmon TCG ($6)

Epic Gaming

Digimon and trainers clash in this latest iteration of the Digimon TCG. Come bring a 50 card standard deck and battle it out with other players in best of 3 rounds to see which Digimon reign supreme. A $6 entry will get you into a 3 round tournament with prizes and promos given out to players based on final standings.

Epic Gaming is following Oregon Health Authority guidelines and requiring masks while in store as of 7/29/21.

More Info: https://www.facebook.com/epicgamingpdx/?ref=page_internal

Magic: the Gathering - Commander/EDH

Epic Gaming

Whether you call it Commander, EDH, or Highlander, the ruleset whose beginnings as a Grand Prix pick-up game for Judges stands today among the greatest formats. Featuring a card pool rivaling that of legacy, players engage their opponents with a 100 card deck where each card (besides basic lands) must be unique, creating games that never follow the same path twice. If you want to jump into the fray for the first time, preconstructed 100 card decks are available for purchase at Epic but brews of every stripe are also welcome to engage in the unlimited 4 player free-for-all matches that comprise the event.

In store play is free from open to close at 8pm. There will be a raffle later in the evening for promos. We are currently capping this event at 36 participants so head in early.

Epic Gaming is following Oregon Health Authority guidelines and requiring masks while in store.

Learn More: https://www.facebook.com/gaming/epicgamingpdx

Pokemon League Play at Epic

Epic Gaming

Pokemon League play is back in North America! Organized play is back on and our wonderful Professor Seth is here to lead our weekly Pokemon League. Come join us every Thursday from 6PM-8PM to play, trade, and earn promos. As a requirement for this event by TPCI everyone taking part will be required to wear a mask, and food/drink will not be allowed. Hand sanitizer will be made available. The following link outlines the TPCI Covid protocols required for play https://assets.pokemon.com//assets/cms2/pdf/play-pokemon/rules/play-pokemon-covid-19-protocols-03142022-en.pdf

Learn to Play at Epic

Epic Gaming

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Final Fantasy TCG or Digimon TCG? Come on in and demo these popular card games in a friendly learning environment. After learning to play you can pick up intro decks for these games at a discounted price. We encourage anyone who wants to learn the basics or just pick up a new game to come stop by.

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Yu-Gi-OH! Advanced Format Tournament ($6)

Epic Gaming

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