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EGGS Relaunch with Time of Crisis and Open Gaming Session
Welcome to the EGGS Relaunch! Given the past couple meetups, we’re opting for something different with this group. While we’re still about epic games with grand strategies that can take a full work day to complete, we want to loosen up how the meetup works. So the plan is to have open gaming sessions similar to Williamsburg Board Game Enthusiast Game Days, but with a smaller group of committed gamers. We still plan to have a featured game or two, but the meetup will not be limited to just those games. So bring the games you want to play or suggest games in the comments. Just like the other meetup, feel free to come and go as you please. However, we do ask if you commit to a game and then cannot make it to the game to please communicate with the other players. For the featured games, rules will be linked if available online. If you're in this group, you already know the rules of our meetup. But still it must be said: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PARK IN AN UNMARK SPACE! This meetup's featured game: TIME OF CRISIS. Published in 2017 by GMT Games. Plays 2-4 players. The Roman Empire teeters on the edge of collapse from civil war and barbarian invasions. The assassination of the current emperor sets off a crisis as the empire sees the emperor's seat change hands many times during the struggle. Players assume one of the Roman dynasties seeking to secure their legacy by wielding political power, military strength and the will of the people. Rules can be found on BGG: There are at least 2 copies in the group. Again this is an open gaming sessio as well and we hope to do this on a more regular basis. See ya there!

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    Please Read Carefully and if you choose to join us, answer the introductory questions. If we don't know you from another group, We will probably decline a membership request So please take the few minutes it takes to fill out a decent introduction. A major qualifier for this meet up is reliability. We take it seriously and if you are in the habit of committing to a game and then not showing up, everyone is affected. Communication is important. For those who prefer a more casual and less structured and committed experience, please take a look at our open group, Williamsburg Board Game Enthusiasts.

    So that being said; Welcome to EGGS

    Our Motto: Good for Breakfast, Good for Lunch, Better for Dinner.

    The mission of this group is to connect experienced Strategy Board Game Enthusiasts all across South Eastern Virginia that are fans of tabletop board games with deeper themes and more complex and engaging strategies. These games generally take the extra commitment of time and might require anywhere from 3 to 10 hours or more to play. They may have themes of War, History, Politics , Fantasy/Science Fiction or Economics. Some examples of the games we have played are: Twilight Imperium, Civilization, 18XX and other Railroad Games, Diplomacy, Eclipse, History of the World, Imperial, Age of Industry, REX, Hannibal, Here I Stand, and Dominant Species, to name a few. Our Organizers are experienced gamers and enjoy teaching new people who are willing to make the commitment to learn a particular game and are not afraid of serious competition or put off by friendly conflict. If You are a member of the groups "The Williamsburg Board Game Enthusiasts" or "Epic Board Games" then you already know us. We are the same Organizers and co-organizers in a smaller, more focused special interest group that are a bit less casual about our gaming. Our meetups will usually feature a single pre-chosen game or two with a much smaller, often set number of guests. We welcome and encourage any one to propose and host a Game and our organizers are here to help you use the site for that purpose. Have fun fellow gamers.

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