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It's MeetUp is here to provide Epic board game opportunities for the NoVA area. The only requirement is that the games played need to be much longer than the average board game - somewhere between 4 and 14 hours would be preferable but there is always room for flexibility and trying new games. Some game suggestions are: Twilight Imperium, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Eclipse, or maybe even Risk Legacy if that is of interest.

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Age Of Renaissance

Crystal City Shops at "The Landing" near the San Antonio Bar & Grill

Details In Age of Renaissance, each player takes the role of one of six commercial capitals of Europe: Venice, Genoa, Barcelona, London, Paris, and Hamburg. As the game progresses, each player's financial empire grows to a larger number of cities which provide income each turn. Each region where a city can be established also produces one of a number of different commodities: stone, wool, timber, grain, wine, cloth, metal, fur, silk, spice, gold, or ivory. Control of commodities doesn't do anything alone, but when a commodity card is played, every player with stakes in that commodity cashes in. Commodities and income from cities provide players with their two main sources of income. Players then use that money to buy counters to expand their empire, and to buy civilization advances that have various effects on the game. There is a deck of cards that players draw from. Once the deck is depleted, a new batch of cards (and some of the used cards) are shuffled in and the game progresses to the second epoch. Once the deck is depleted again, more new cards (and again some of the used cards) are shuffled to form a new deck for the third epoch. Once the deck is depleted a third time, the game ends and the player with the highest score wins. Score is determined by adding up the values of a player's advances and cash, less a penalty for the "misery" of their people. The game has many complexities and interesting rules that add to the gameplay. For instance, each player secretly bids for the number of units they want to control in a given turn. The player with the fewest units goes first, and the player with the most goes last. However, the rules for combat give a significant advantage in effectiveness to the players going early in a turn rather than later, leaving players with an interesting choice. Another noteworthy rule is the requirement that all diplomacy take place in the open at the table, thus not allowing any secret deals to be made and speeding up the game's pace slightly. Game plays well 3-6

Vienna/Tysons Area Gaming
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I have a slew of games, X-Com, Dead of Winter, Game of Thrones, Legendary Encounters Marvel Heroes, Legendary Encounters Aliens, Splendor, Pillars of Eternity:Lords of Eastern reach, Warhammer 40k Conquest, Netrunner. Many I have yet to play. Would like to get some games going in the near future in my neck of the woods and I can host as well.

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