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Hi everyone! My name is Alicia. I am almost 39. I currently live in Sterling, VA and I have Epilepsy. My disorder is not so severe as I don't have them often, but nonetheless, I do have it. I was diagnosed with JME (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy) at age 17. I have Myoclonic Jerks (Seizures) normally in the waking hours (but not everyday!) and those can lead to Grand Mal (Tonic Clonic/Generalized) Seizures, which I have had a bunch of in the years past and most recently last week. 1 in 5 years to be exact. I am starting this group because I know how lonely it can be and it's not so easy for others to understand the trials we go through. This group is for those with Epilepsy (or any Seizure disorder) and those of loved ones, Family and Friends who have someone in their life with Epilepsy. We will do Lunches! Dinners! Chit Chats! Occassionaly some outdoor activities like walks, parks, movies, fairs and other misc activities. Mostly we will join for Lunch and Dinner. We will not spend the entire outing discussing Epilepsy because I know it can be overwhelming, but the mere fact that you will be surrounded by those that understand is reason enough to join. This is for those that want to put their worries behind them and enjoy a short time out with like-minded people. This is not to cry our sad stories everytime, but that does NOT mean we are not there for each other to listen, to give a big hug, to LAUGH and to cry happy tears together too! God knows, I need an ear now and then too! For anyone that is unable to drive (I can right now) we can figure that out. Carpooling etc. I welcome assistance as I do have two other groups going. So anyone that would like to help organize events, by all means let me know! With that said, this is for Adults...both Male and Female. Cheers to better days! :) Alicia

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National Walk for Epilepsy in DC

Base of the Washington Monument

Meet and Greet! Delia's in Countryside

Delia's Pizzeria and Grille of Countryside

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