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Epsom Games Club Weekly Games Night (Board Games)
Thursday night means it is time for the highlight of the week - The Epsom Games Club ( weekly gaming night from 19:00 to 23:00 (or later!) at our regular evening venue. Please be advised that we are no longer using Meetup to arrange our games evenings and monthly Saturday session - however, we are very much still active and new attendees are always welcome. We do our main organising on Boardgamegeek where we have a Gulid Page which we use in very much the same way as Meetup (it's just free and dedicated to games and gamers). Epsom Games Club - Guild Page ( (if you click the link then scroll down a bit you will see the forum threads which we set up for each of the weekly Thursday sessions).

Epsom River Club

36-40 High Street KT19 8AH · Epsom