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Learn the skills of public speaking in a friendly and supportive environment. Speaking, presenting and impromptu speaking are just some of the skills you will acquire at ESC.

Epsom Speakers is one of the oldest clubs in the UK as a member of Toastmasters International, an organisation promoting public speaking worldwide with over 350,000 members.

Started nearly a century ago, Toastmasters created to give people confidence in public speaking and the skills of presenting both prepared speeches and impromptu speeches.

Even in this new digital world, being able to present your ideas is more important than ever. Whether you are giving a presentation to colleagues at work, delivering a presentation to a new customer, making a speech at a business breakfast, or at a family event. If you want to thrive online then the skills of public speaking mean even more when you are trying to win new followers on Instagram or demonstrate your skills and knowledge on youtube.

Toastmasters gives you the opportunity to work through our pathways training which presents you with a series of different speeches, all designed to teach and make you think about new aspects of public speaking. Everything in Toastmasters is evaluated, so there is plenty of valuable feedback and insights from other members. Don't know how to deliver feedback? - Well, that's fine because you will learn the skills to do that as well.

The most powerful thing about Toastmasters to me is that it is not a prescriptive process. There is never just one way to deliver a speech or evaluation. We all learn together and share our skills and experience together. The challenge of public speaking is one that helps people of all types and backgrounds and that rich diversity also brings greater insights and perspectives. A member of Toastmasters can visit other clubs and may be asked to participate in one of the roles during the meeting. Some TOastmasters have even joined multiple clubs to accelerate their learning and involvement.

Toastmasters clubs take a lot of time and effort to run. Firstly there are all the roles during the meeting which are shared between the members and give you a chance to learn and perfect new skills such as opening the meeting, speaking, evaluating, timekeeper, word masters, hosting the event.

Each club has a committee to run the club and these positions are held for 1 year and then passed on to other members. This gives the members new challenges for PR, planning education, membership and treasurer. There are area and regional directors who help co-ordinate the clubs and we run competitions throughout the year. Some of which are just within our district, and also an annual worldwide speaker competition.

You may be already an accomplished speaker, in which case I urge you to visit us and see what you could improve. Toastmasters is a friendly and supportive environment where is fine to take risks and make mistakes. Only from these can we all learn. Remember that whenever you receive an evaluation at TOastmasters, there are commendations for the techniques that you used and often explanations of why or how that is an effective skill. There are recommendations for what could be improved. You may also receive short notes from other members which more ideas and feedback from your speech. Such information is rarely ever given to speeches in the work environment.

Many clubs, including ours, video the speakers and give them a private link to the speech and evaluation to watch later. This is a great way to see if you delivered the speech you intended and check the vocal variety, body language and other aspects of your speech. I always suggest watching without sound, just the sound and then all together to see how well your message was delivered. Watch the evaluation and then watch your speech again.

If you think that Toastmasters is just about overcoming the fear of public speaking, then we are happy to say, that is just the first step. So, come and take it today.

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