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Equine Guided Women's Empowerment Group

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This is a group to empower women to manifest their full potential and reawaken to their souls’ calling. Our work supports people in healing the unfinished business from their past that is keeping them stuck in undesirable patterns of behavior, low self-esteem, shame, conflicts in relationships, grief, trauma, or in any type of transition.

I trust and rely on the horses’ intuition and wisdom. Together, we provide a judgement-free, safe, loving space for our members to explore and release the stories and limiting beliefs that no longer serve them so they may design a more positive future aligned with their true essence.

Horses are majestic, sentient beings and incredible healers because they read our energy and see our hearts and souls. They meet us wherever we're at without judgement and give us immediate and clear feedback about when we’re being authentic…and when we’re not. They teach us to get out of our heads and to drop into our bodies and hearts where we can find our truth. They're intuitive and wise and have the ability to help you see your blindspots that are preventing you from creating your most joyful, authentic life.

My horses and I will hold you in unconditional love and compassion while empowering you to step fully into the person you were put onto this Earth to be.

If you'd like to be empowered to manifest your full potential, please give yourself the gift of coaching with my horses and me.


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