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One of the greatest rewards of joining a book club is hearing from other book clubbers. Those who’ve made it work and rally once a month, over a tall glass of Cabernet and historical fiction. Those with bursting schedules and towering responsibilities who still reach over to the nightstand, night after night, and crack open a spine (or two).

On the first Sunday of every month, men and women of the Equitable Literati Book Club trickle through the door, chatting wildly about life, the book, and everything in-between. Eventually, we refill our glasses of wine, snack on something tasty, and settle into some semblance of a discussion.

Because a book club isn’t really about books, is it? It’s about stories. The ones we read, the ones we live. The ones we share

We'd love for you to join us!

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Friends, if you aren't able to attend the meetings we'd still love for you to follow along via our Facebook or meetup groups.

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Driftless by David Rhodes

The Equitable Building

"We are all connected in ways we cannot even begin to fathom. Our lives unfold through each other and within each other. What one suffers, we all feel. What one does changes others forever" ~ David Rhodes Set in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, an area never touched by glaciers, this is an unforgettable story of contemporary life in rural America. -- -- -- -- -- (Photo Credit: Driftless Organics)

Dead Wake by Erik Larson

The Equitable Building

"The track lingered on the surface like a long pale scar. In maritime vernacular, this trail of fading disturbance, whether from ship or torpedo was called a 'dead wake'" ~ Erik Larson History at its harrowing best! A story about the sinking of a ship by a German U-boat, and the horrific 18 minutes between the time it was hit and the time it disappeared. An event almost as deadly as the Titanic, but far more world-changing -- -- -- -- (Photo Credit: National Geographic)

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Kindest Regards by Ted Kooser

The Equitable Building

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