What we're about

If you're looking for an established, connected group of men dedicated to helping its members become better men - or you're married or partnered with a man who you feel could benefit from having this kind of support - you've found it.

The Evolving Man (TEM) is a results-oriented community of men who are defining for themselves what it means to live vibrantly in both their internal and external lives. We support men to feel alive, energized and passionate about their lives, and believe that the best way to achieve that is by living with integrity and purpose.

Our experience is that this mission is best realized in strong, committed community. At present, our groups in Denver and Boulder are expanding rapidly, and it's time to re-establish a group for men who've not had much experience with men's groups before and are looking to be strongly supported in getting clear on what their purpose is, along with more clarity on their healthiest expression of masculine and feminine energies.

We support each other on everything. Don't check us out if you're not interested in getting results, integrity, and accountability for what you say you really want.

TEM started in Erie 11 years ago and grew to the point that we needed to add additional meetings in surrounding cities. We strive to keep group size for each group at 8 men so that each man can get the friendship, support, advice, and caring, straight feedback he needs to derive maximum value from his investment of time and membership in the community.