Consensus Algorithms, RAFT and Rafter

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On July 12 Basho hacker Chris Meiklejohn introduced Think Distributed ( to the world. Think Distributed is a monthly podcast that explores concepts in distributed systems, bringing together expert panels consisting of academics and industry practitioners.

In the first podcast, Chris led a panel discussion on Consensus, with a focus on the Raft algorithm in particular. Prior to attending this meetup, it is highly encouraged you watch/listen to the Think Distributed podcast:

To kick things off, Tom Santero will provide an overview of consensus algorithms, how they work and when you might need them. Andrew Stone will then discuss Rafter (, an Erlang application that implements the Raft consensus protocol. Andrew will provide a walkthrough of Rafter, what it's supposed to do, as well as the various tradeoffs made by choosing to develop Rafter in Erlang.

Food and refreshments will be provided by Basho.
Big thanks to Venmo for providing the space and A/V.

About Andrew:

Andrew Stone is a Software Engineer with a focus on distributed systems. Andrew enjoys programming in a variety of languages, with his current all time favorite being Erlang. In the past he has worked on everything from bootloaders for embedded systems to video games and enjoyed most of it. Andrew is currently employed by Basho Technologies where he gets to work on amazing things like Riak CS and Rafter. When not hacking, you can likely find Andrew lifting weights or chilling at home with his wife and 2 cats.