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Understanding Erlang and Elixir systems can be a challenge especially at the beginning of your journey in the land of BEAM. Many of the available tools are useful but not user-friendly or intuitive - majority of them work in console and can hardly be called inviting. Today we want to present that addresses this problem. It's a tool that simplifies analyzing BEAM based systems. Its approachable and intuitive interface allows understanding the system data and behaviours without excessive effort to first understand the tool.

In the presentation we will explore's features, including the ones developed during the last Google Summer of code. We will examine what happens in the system and showcase what kind of visibility the tool provides. The example system we will dissect is a prototype component of the Software Defined Networking environment built in Elixir that uses Erlang components as well.

About the speaker:

Kacper Mentel is 4th year student of Teleinformatics at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. He started programming Elixir when was working on his bachelor thesis where he uses Elixir for Software Defined Networking purposes. He was working on Erlang Performance Lab as his Google Summer of Code project this summer. Currently, he works in Erlang Solutions.