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High Availability with RabbitMQ

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High Availability with RabbitMQ


Hello all,

We'll meet slightly earlier in the month than usual for July.

Szymon Mentel will speak for us about High Availability with RabbitMQ - About highly available systems by the example of RabbitMQ.


For a system to be Highly Available it needs to have the following features:

  • reliability meaning that it keep providing its services (or subset of them) despite failure,
  • fault-tolerance meaning that it will behave in a predictable way during failure,
  • resilience meaning that it will recover automatically after failure.

As such systems cannot have a single point of failure, they are distributed by necessity which give rise to other problems, like a trade-off between data consistency and availability of the system. RabbitMQ, which is one of the most popular messaging brokers in the world, can be configured for High Availability and will serve as an example to discuss the aforementioned concepts.

Stefana Batorego 25 · Kraków