What we're about

This is a gttroup for all human beings of this world,who are interested in Social voluntary works thro out the world,spiritual interest and concious interested persons. It is common for all in this world ,male or female genders. The qualification I want is each must Love with affection each souls in this world,not showing any difference regarding Countries or genders.

The present world is going towards destruction due to selfishness,money ' fame etc. Let us join this, change the world to become a Heaven in this Earth, by liking each other, show real affection to each others in this group.

For this we people must chat our opinion among ourselves,suggest our own ideas and wishes, and if possible offer our Activities for this.

One request is that persons simply clicking "Like" buttons as in other networks
are not allowed in this Meetup. This Meetup I wish to cross the boundaries of the Contries because the Universe is its only original boundary . Deletye the Religions,Caste or any other such matters. We are ONE in this Family is its wish! Thank you and Welcome you all!

Upcoming events

No upcoming events