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What we’re about

 Eros Image Makers of Michigan Meetups’ mission is to provide both an excellent shooting experience combined with an excellent learning experience to enable attendees to become a self-sufficient independent photographer. We are unique as compared to most meetup groups that the instructor is actively working with the students individually and collectively; looking at the students playback and histograms to insure success from both an exposure, but also a compositional and design aspect. Attending a Eros Meetup event you can be assured that the instructor does not just point at the subject and announce “There it is; start shooting and I will return in three hours.” Students do not have to compete with the Eros Instructor for shooting from the best place or time. All priorities are given to the student. Our master photography instructors seldom shoots any photos. If the instructor does shoot, it is usually to provide a better teaching situation for the student to review a composition in the playback of the camera that the student may not have understood.  Our meetups help build a stronger portfolio for both the beginner or the professional. We encourage the asking of questions and because we specialize in small size groups, the mandate of one-on-one assistance is easily accomplished.

 We have state of the art studio facilities and offer group shoots on location and outdoors as the season permits. We also offer meet-ups with open computer time to edit and print your best images. Critique sessions or portfolio reviews are offered usually on the second Friday night of every other month co-sponsored by Midwest Photography Workshops.

  This group is for anyone interested in expressing themselves through the artistic interpretation of the human form. Subject matter for the Meetups may be clothed or not. Images created will lean toward the fine art side and always respectful of our models.