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This group is intended for married couples who are Christian (or allies from conservative religions) and who want a safe place to discuss/explore human sexuality in a safe, non-judgmental setting and have some fun! This is not a swinging group, but we will offer sex-positive coaching, workshops, parties, virtual meetings, and Bible studies on sex. Accept your sexuality while completely 100% maintaining your spiritual and marital commitments. Some meetings may require a fee.

Please note the following rules, terms and conditions:

• As this is a Christian group, members are expected to remain committed to God and supportive of Christianity, even if they don't necessarily identify as Christian per se. In other words, this is a safe space for Christians and Christians should not feel like they have to defend their faith here.

• As we believe that all people are created in God's image, this group supports inclusivity and acceptance of all people rather than exclusion:

Gender. We empower and elevate women as equals rather than denigrate women (anti-sexism). Attitudes about women are often correlated with attitudes about sexuality.

Race. We support racial diversity and equality
. People of all races are equally sacred to God, even though the world does not value all races equally (anti-racism).

Sexual/gender identity. While we recognize the diversity of strongly-held beliefs in Christianity about homosexuality, we oppose bigotry and homophobia and promote the acceptance of sexual diversity.

• We support
sex positivity within marriage. That means "an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation," while we assert the importance of marriage.

• We are
body positive while also promoting the importance of maintaining our health. While it's important to take care of our health, being "body positive" means that we do not devalue people who may not fit cultural expectations of an ideal body shape, size or appearance. All bodies are precious. We also believe the body is not to be ashamed of as the shame about it came as a result of sin.

• This is not a debate group. We do not "police" participant's theology or political views. We do not exclude or denigrate people based on their social identity labels, such as their political party ("Democrat" vs "Republican") or their religious beliefs ("conservative" vs "liberal"). It is okay to disagree with each other--there are bound to be disagreements when it comes to religion and sex! However, members are expected to accept and respect each other's differences.

• This is a social and educational group.

• This group expects that participants remain committed and faithful to their spouse. When you come to an event with your partner, you should always leave together with your partner.

• This is not a swingers' group, though we do not police what consenting adults do in private on their own.

• This is not therapy nor a support group and does not constitute a professional client relationship. We should not see any drama among members. If you are fighting with your partner or not respecting your partner's right to say "no" (their boundaries), you may be asked to seek counseling instead.

• You must respect the boundaries of others (their right to say "no") and always seek mutual consent ("yes") in all interactions with others.

Members who violate these principles may be asked to leave and/or removed from the group.

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