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Love & Lust For Queer Men
Get Tickets Here: We will also offer tickets at the door if cash is preferred. As gay and queer men, we have so many places that we can go in order to connect over our love of sex. We have sex parties, hookup apps, sex-centered formal events, clubs, bathhouses, and more. In the Bay Area, we are fortunate to have the freedom to explore our personal limits. Even though sex is central to our culture and connections with other men, we can often feel like something is missing. We don’t have as many places to connect with each other about our journeys and about what we are really going through on the inside. We can feel so torn between our desire to have really hot sex and our desire to be close to someone special, as if it’s a tradeoff. There are very specific reasons why sex and love are often split for us in our communities, and the awesome thing is, we can bring it back together! *Is the sex that you are having authentic? Does it feel like you? *Are you feeling like you are getting what you really want? *Are you feeling disconnected during sex and need to fantasize or use substances to help you connect? *Do you feel like you are repeating the same thing over and over without being satisfied? LOVE & LUST: In this workshop you will learn practical tools to have more fulfilling, satisfying connections and hot sex that feels truly authentic. We start by de-conditioning and de-objectifying ourselves and our partners. Then we can cultivate the intimacy that brings hot sex to a whole new level, whether it’s with your life partner or a brand new connection. We can cultivate our desire and erotic minds as vehicles to explore our full expressive selves, to heal our wounds and step into wholeness. WHAT TO EXPECT: A blend of group discussion and practical exercises. Drawing on Tantra, NVC, Hakomi, current theories in couples’ therapy, sex therapy, EFT, and mythology, we create a safe container for you to share about your experience. This is a clothing-on workshop for anyone who identifies as a queer man. FACILITATED BY FINN DEERHART Sex and relationships are the lenses through which I am examining my own life, how I interact with my own deepest wounds, and how my personal vulnerabilities relate to my culture as a whole. I have been letting go of what I am not in order to find what I am. Deeper intimacy with myself is guiding me into healthy relationships and exciting sex that reflects my personal quest for wholeness. My desire has led me into deep inquiry about how sex and spirit intersect in my own life. I believe that as we uncover personal truths, we also contribute to our collective healing as a queer community. I bring 14 years combined experience in social anthropology, wellness coaching, spiritual counseling and personal development. More info:

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