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From Finn Deerhart - Organizer of events for the Erotic Exploration Meetup

"When it comes to relationships, I believe that many of us are working against strong conditioning and faulty templates. I believe that we need help in addressing the challenges that we face in relationships. As we release blame and get really honest with ourselves, healing can occur. Transformation requires patience, practice, and a holistic understanding of the individual and relational challenges that you may be facing. As we uncover our personal truths, we also contribute to the collective healing for us all. I bring 14 years combined experience in social anthropology, wellness coaching, spiritual counseling, sex and intimacy coaching, and personal development to my client and couples practice"

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Elements of Desire: Integrating Love & Lust for Boyfriends & Fuck-Buddies

Balancing Love & Lust is a learnable artform. You don’t have to settle for one or the other. Buy Tickets Here! http://finndeerhart.com/2020/07/13/august-12th-19th-26th-september-2nd-online-4-part-series-elements-of-desire-integrating-love-lust-for-boyfriends-fuck-buddies/ **General admission tickets + limited supply of donation only tickets. ***Each couple, pod, or set of buddies only needs to purchase one ticket for all individuals involved together. This 4-part online Zoom workshop will begin on Wednesday, August 12th, and will continue for the next three Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm Pacific Standard Time (August 12, 19, 26, September 2). This particular Elements of Desire series has been designed for male-identified queer beings in relationships–boyfriends, partners, fuck-buddies, and poly-pods. In this series, you will discover a specific set of skills that build upon each other and can be experienced in layers. These skills are useful to discover how expanding our sexual ranges in-and-out of our relationships can help us have hotter sex and greater intimacy at the same time. Think of practicing these Elements like playing scales, so that you can then play chords, so that you can compose beautiful music that emanates from the core of your being. This practice is an essential process that will deepen your capacity to connect and enjoy hot sex that feels truly authentic– whether you are monogamous, open, poly, questioning, etc. *Ditch needing to fantasize in order to cum. *Get past the fear of discussing desires and fantasies with your partner(s). *Break through inhibitions for more peak experiences. *Shake up boring routines, erotic scripts, and monotonous sex. *Identify underlying needs when pursuing sex. *Create alignment between emotions & actions. *Expand ranges of sexual expression. *Recognize and encourage your partner’s erotic signals. *Craft your own blueprint for an intentional self-practice & partner work. NOTE: Please bring a journal or paper and something to write with, and wear comfortable clothing. This is a CLOTHING-ON educational exploration of many themes that appear in the collective domain of queer desire. We will be offering a variety of sexual playwork to do on your own with your partner(s) following each meeting. Each week’s workshop will include a range of group-process, instruction, and embodied exercises. **LINK to each week’s workshop will be emailed 24 hours before the event begins! Please email me if you have any questions about the workshop and/or logistics. [masked] Instructors: Finn Deerhart & Sam Sebastian

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