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This group is for people that want to bring discussions of sexuality out of the shadows. Only limited by your desires to meet like minded people to talk, share knowledge, experiences and explore topics typically kept in whispers.

Branched off of an earlier group for logistic reasons we will continue what was begun. Typical meetings start with a topic and then wind along a path driven by the group. No topic is taboo, in fact taboos was a topic.

Also planned are special classes and demos to explore a topic. Did you know a company manufactures bondage rope in Maine and offer classes to help promote their business? Have you attended a cuddle party, I've contacted the only cuddle party facilitator in Maine. Sensual and erotic massage, tantra and somatic healing education sessions are in planning.

We have a critical mass now 50+ explorers, its time to start the ball rolling. I recently closed visibility to just members and now approve new members. I hope this helps people feel more comfortable about posting discussions or suggestions or anything else on this site. If you wish to try something and policy prevents it, message me about it and I'll see what can be done. Some policy is mine and some meet-up. I'm flexible, Meetup not so much when it comes to adult topics for good reasons.

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