What we're about

Enjoy writing or reading erotica? Lets do both!
In this adult MeetUp erotic writers will share their work.

Writers: Over a 2 hour span 6 writers will read short stories or parts of your larger works. This is not a critique and not a Q&A, although I will leave that to you to decide. You may choose someone else to read your work, but you need to be here as the author. I will accept submissions to choose from and ask for a brief phone call in order to create the safe vibe we all want and need.

Readers: Come with a loved one(s), or not. Relax, drink or eat something. And listen to Erotic writers share their work with us. The only thing you need to do is respect the reading process and not be an ass. Follow MeetUp guidelines and we will have an awesome evening.

Stories may include no sex, sex, vanilla, BDSM, multiples, interracial and are LGBQ friendly (duh!), monogamy and polyamory. Please do not submit stories that include children, incest, animals, non-consensual sex, non-consensual pain or anything that is considered "taboo" in the genre.

Who am I? Arielle Hart. Along with my writing partner, Andreas Beernt, we have written the Ecamerone(TM) Long Distance Erotica series and are launching a platform for erotic writers to publish and be a part of an ever expanding community.

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