What we're about

Any and all 4x4 enthusiasts!

The goal of this group is to create a community. Most of us live close to Denver and some feel trapped after day four of the work week. This 4x4 community will be a way to escape the normal every day grind we are in. I hope we can become large enough that every Sunday you can count on there being one 4x4 vehicle ready to hit the trails and find a Route to Escape on.

If you plan on venturing out for fun with everyone PLEASE FILL UP GAS BEFORE coming to meet ups.

Groups can decide what local trails they will venture out to.
Hopefully Once a month there will be a meet up to go to trails that are 3-4 hours away and possibly some over night ones. You all will decide.

Past events (25)

Due to snow. Red elephant & Spring creek


Eagle rock, Saran wrap

Everyday Convieniance Store

Kingston Peak Bring A Rock.

Kum & Go

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