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Welcome to Escape Your Invisible Prison London! I am incredibly happy you are here. So many of us are not getting ahead as quickly as we'd like, or, we feel stuck and don't know what the next step is or should be. We are stuck! Stuck in an invisible prison of our own making and, we’re either not aware of it, or, we are and we don’t know how to break free! That’s what this group is about…how to break free of the invisible prison you keep yourself locked in.
In this group, you’ll learning, introspection, strategies, tips and techniques as well as coaching to create the life you deserve: happiness, peace, and abundance!!
But not to worry…you won’t be overwhelmed by messages from me. We will hold our events every two months and in between you will have the opportunity to apply the strategies, and share with me as well as each other. I look forward to meeting all of you hopefully in person one day!

Why Escape Your Invisible Prison? Because I’ve had to spend many years working to transform myself and my life in order to free myself from the invisible prison I created. Having no self-esteem, feeling so worthless and different, at age 11 I began a downward spiral into drug and alcohol addiction leading to 20 years of living on streets. Addicted, abused, in and out of street gangs and motorcycle gangs, I had no-fixed address from 1977 – 1991 and spent a few years homeless, living beside a dumpster. After years of battling my own feelings of worthlessness I had finally had enough. The pain of my existence came to a point where it was either die homeless in a gutter, or fight. And so, I fought. I sobered up and spent the next 25+ years studying the psychological, and spiritual reasons for my own struggles. The result was happiness and success beyond anything I would have ever thought possible. So now I now use my life experience and the knowledge I have gained in re-wiring my own brain to assist others in finding the happiness and success they deserve. So are you ready to join us?

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