What we're about

Have you ever wished you could escape the daily grind and rat race, even just for a moment, to lie on a lawn somewhere and watch the clouds? Well, this is your chance!

I am so excited to announce the day retreat program for Spring and Summer 2017, offering you not just one but FOUR days on which to escape, recharge your batteries and find quiet calm.

We will be in a beautifully quiet yoga studio in a hidden, leafy Ascot garden. The whole day will be focussed on stress relief, mindful relaxation and improved wellbeing through the practice of yoga, giving you a total escape experience.

I would hope that the end of the day will feel like the end of a luxurious holiday!

Daily programme:

11-00 to 12-30am Morning yoga – Hatha flow. If it is warm enough, the practice will be in the garden, enjoying the freedom of yoga in the open air
12-30 to 1-00pm Lunch In good weather, we will eat picnic style in the garden
1-00 to 1-45pm Mindfulness and meditation practice (A different focus on each day)
1-45 to 2-00pm Tea break
2-00 to 3-30pm Yin yoga session – A restorative form of yoga using blosters, blocks and cushions to support the body in slow yoga poses held for between 5 and 10 minutes each
3-30 to 4-00pm Yoga Nidra. A half hour of authentic sleep yoga, facilitating mindful awareness whilst lying in deep and restorative relaxation. A half hour of Yoga Nidra is equal to several hours of deep sleep, and is very helpful for assisting with insomnia

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