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Do you feel that there is more to life than what you are being told? Do you feel a deep sense of urgency pushing you to look for knowledge to help you achieve freedom and sovereignty? Do you want to learn esoteric knowledge to improve your life and change the world for the better? Do you want to meet people who are opened to revolutionary ideas and are supporters of freedom and peace? If you answer "yes" to at least two of these questions, the knowledge and skills you will learn in this group will benefit you greatly.

What is Esoteric Freedom and Sovereignty?

Esoteric Freedom and Sovereignty (founded on August 9, 2018) is a private meeting group located in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/Saint Paul) of Minnesota. One of the main goals of this group is to teach living people how to defend and exercise their natural rights, giving them the courage to stand up for their natural rights and restore freedom to their state. Another main goal of this group is to teach living people empowering and esoteric knowledge to empower their spirits, giving them the confidence to create a better world for their loved ones and mankind. To achieve these goals, the organizer will present controversial and enlightening knowledge related to Natural Law, man's law, genuine spirituality, esoteric knowledge, freedom and sovereignty.

One of the subjects that the organizer will strongly focus on is the power of words. The main reason for this is because mankind currently lives in a world ruled by words. When you do not know how to use words wisely, corporate agents, especially agents of the legal system and the government, can easily trick you to "give up" your natural rights, allowing them to have jurisdiction over you. Once you learn how to use words wisely, corporate agents will be scared to bother you, even judges and attorneys. Furthermore, you can use the power of words to nullify complaint letters of debt collectors, preventing them from taking you to court and garnishing your bank account.

This group encourages people over the age of 18 and people of all cultural backgrounds to join, even judges, attorneys and lawyers, and especially people who are tired of their freedom and sovereignty being diminished by corporate agents, such as debt collectors and Bar attorneys.

If you want to learn how to be free and sovereign, take action now to join this group, so you can learn how to be the King of your holy temple and kingdom.

Meetup Schedule

IMPORTANT NOTE: When enough people have joined this group, the organizer will schedule the first meetup.

UPDATE (8/15/2018): The organizer plans to schedule the first meetup in October 2018.

This group plans to meet once a month or every two months, except during the winter season. The meetup will usually last 1 to 2 hours. Most of the time will be used by the organizer to present his work (seminar) to members. However, the last 15 to 30 minutes will often be used for answering questions and socializing.

Do you want to know how it feels to be surrounded by living men and women who are courageous, responsible and love freedom? Join us now and be the change you wish to see in your community and the world!

About the Organizer Pao Chang

I am the peaceable and living man who is the author and founder of EsotericKnowledge.me and OmniThought.org, two empowering websites dedicated to teaching people about Natural Law, man's law, freedom, sovereignty, genuine spirituality and esoteric knowledge. I am also the author of Word Magic, an Amazon best-seller book that takes you on a magical journey to explore the power of words.

For examples of topics we may investigate and explore, visit my two websites: EsotericKnowledge.me ( https://esotericknowledge.me/ ) and OmniThought.org ( http://omnithought.org/start-here ).

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The Power of Words and Esoteric Freedom

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