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The teachings offered by this group will help you discover the spiritual dimension of your life, and use your unlimited potential.

Tantra is an ancient and very complex spiritual science which can help you grow through everything you do, be more focused, peaceful, energetic and healthy. There is no area of human experience that is left untouched by Tantra, from your vitality, social integration, couple relationship and sexual experiences, ability to use and focus your mind, to the highest transcendental experiences.

You will discover the key to understanding and controlling your emotions, energy and mind. You will learn to meditate, focus, be efficient and successful. You will learn to transform your sexual energy into a power house of personal transformation on all levels.

Tantra offers a practical and clear path towards consciousness development and spiritual enlightening. You will realize in wonder that you are much more than you think you are, a human being that is meant to live at a universal scale, love infinitely and BE HAPPY.

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Tantra Yoga for Women - Workshop

Las Vegas Enlightenment Center


Dear Ladies, This workshop is your haven of relaxation, health, and beauty. A chance to get in touch with your body and your soul. A chance to learn new ways of bringing harmony, inspiration, and sensuality into your life. To re-balance your hormones, and increase your power of attraction of all that is good. Tantra Yoga offers a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of human life, physical health, mental boosting and spiritual evolution. Tantra Yoga is one of the highest spiritual sciences, and among the ones which are most fit for our modern life. For two hours, you will practice: - yoga poses designed specifically for women, accompanied by a broad description of their physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits. - two secret tantric methods to balance your feminine hormones, awaken your femininity and sensuality, and strengthen your magnetism and charisma - Breathing and meditation techniques that have extraordinary benefits in amplifying vitality, positive energy, health and regaining inner balance and harmony - A relaxation technique that will bathe you in harmony, serenity, and regeneration Please wear yoga clothes (that is everything that allows you to move freely), and bring a yoga mat. We will provide mats as well. The teacher is Ileana Stefanescu, a professor of Yoga and Tantra with more than 25 years of international teaching experience. She dedicated her life to helping people discover the hidden dimensions of their life and being, and use their unlimited potential. Teaching women and helping them unfold their wings, and rediscover their feminine power and magic is one of her favorite things.

Polarity Yoga - Workshop for Couples

Las Vegas Enlightenment Center


Even though this workshop is meant for couples, this does not mean you cannot attend it, if right now you are not engaged in a love relationship. You can simply bring a friend, and practice and learn together. You do not need any previous experience with yoga and tantra to attend. This workshop is designed to give couples more ways of connecting with each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Learning to maintain and even amplify polarity in a couple is one of the greatest means of keeping attraction, love, and excitement alive. You will learn: - couples asanas (yoga poses), which are a wonderful and fun way to harmonize with each other on multiple levels - tantric techniques of transfiguration, which is a way of awakening the best in the one you love - tantric couple techniques for awakening and sublimating sexual energy - a communication and trust-building exercise - a way of reaching deep relaxation and regeneration in a couple. Fee: $45/couple The teacher is Ileana Stefanescu, who has been teaching Yoga and Tantra, as paths of spiritual perfection, for more than 25 years. She loves helping people improve their lives through awakening to their divine endless potential. She supports couples to increase their love, happiness, and unity, both through her classes and workshops and also through private coaching.

FREE - Grand Opening of Esoteric Tantra Yoga Series

Las Vegas Enlightenment Center

The Esoteric Tantra Yoga Class is, fundamentally, a training in HUMANITY. In being a better human being in any possible way. Leading to the discovery that you are infinitely more: a sublime and transcendental presence, a beacon of light of indescribable beauty. Come, free of charge, to our Grand Opening event, where you get to meet the teacher, hear from her what this is all about, experience a sample of practice, and have your questions answered. This class addresses all those who feel the need for more knowledge, for understanding their life's meaning, for answering the most important questions: What am I? Where am I coming from? What is this universe surrounding me? What happens to me after death? You will be guided step by step towards self-discovery and spiritual awakening. You will be able to shift your perspective on life, Universe, on who you really are and what is your highest purpose. More than just a collection of techniques, the course provides a way of living, a new angle in understanding yourself and everything else. The teachings address all levels of your existence (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). With practice, you will be able to improve and develop all areas of your life, from relationships, love, sexuality, health, mental focus, emotional balance, to transcendental meditative experiences. The Esoteric Tantra Yoga course is a progressive training into the spiritual aspects of yoga and tantra, based on Hatha Yoga Practice, Energy awareness, Kundalini awakening, Purification, Mind focus and meditation techniques. This class puts together ancient spiritual knowledge and modern science, creating a way of practicing yoga as a spiritual path while being fully integrated in a modern social environment. The teacher is Ileana Stefanescu, a professor of Yoga and Tantra with more than 25 years of international teaching experience. Ileana is a Masters in Electronic Engineering, turned teacher of spirituality. She dedicated her life to helping people discover the hidden dimensions of their life and being, and use their unlimited potential.

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Tantric Secrets of Love Relationships

Las Vegas Enlightenment Center


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