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Tantra Yoga Course - Beginner Level
If you have been curious about tantra, spirituality, yoga, if you are interested in your personal transformation, into starting a spiritual practice or to deepen the one you already have, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, you are very welcome to join us and see if this is a fit for you. TANTRA YOGA COURSE is a detailed and systematic journey into the depths of spirituality, having one goal – your personal transformation. It will provide various tools to awaken your true inner potential, enabling you to fulfill your dreams and goals. Ancient and profound spiritual teachings, combined with modern scientific research are broken down so they can be easily assimilated and more importantly, applied in your daily life. Tantra Yoga course is perfect for you if you desire to: • Release stress, relax and rejuvenate • Achieve radiant health and an ideal body shape • Improve your memory, attention and efficiency • Bring more joy and love in your couple relationships • Enhance your vitality, self-confidence, creativity, happiness • Achieve harmony at the physical, emotional and mental level • Quiet your mind, concentrate, meditate for longer • Turn your everyday experiences into profound realizations • Discover the hidden dimensions of your own being • Live every moment with intensity, lucid awareness and detachment • Abandon completely and consciously to the intelligent flow of life • Let life itself become a continuous and joyous lesson • Master your erotic energy and speed up your spiritual growth Course Structure: • Weekly 2 hour class, part practice, part theory • Each week builds on the teachings of the previous week • You will learn something new every class. • With each class you will receive detailed printed material covering all the practical and theoretical elements of that class. This will set you up for a safe individual practice as well. By joining this course you are also joining both a local and a world-wide community of like-minded, open-hearted colleagues and instructors, always ready to support and assist you in your spiritual journey. The course advances gradually. • We begin with the yoga positions (Asanas and Mudras) • Then include breathing techniques (Pranayamas) • Mental training exercises, techniques of meditation (such as Laya yoga) and supramental awareness; initiations in mantras • Exploration of the 7 chakra system • Study of the moral principles of tantra yoga • Karma Yoga and the fundamental laws and principles of the Universe • Yoga Nidra • Sacred sexuality, the polar couple relationship • Health and diet, detox methods First Class: $10 $20/ class or $70/month No need to bring a yoga mat, cushion or blanket all are provided Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move freely Try not to eat a heavy meal within 2.5 hours of starting Bring a pad and pen to take notes Arrive at least 10 minutes early

Jothi Vita Ayurvedic Spa & Wellbeing Center

500 N. Federal Highway · Hollywood, FL

What we're about

Esoteric Yoga and Tantra is a group dedicated to those looking to improve their lives on multiple levels. We welcome all ages, levels of experience, genders, beliefs, faith traditions or lack of thereof. (However, children should be over the age of seven and also accompanied by a parent. Children will not attend any tantric classes, which have sexuality as a topic.)

I welcome you with all my heart on this guided journey on the spiritual paths of love, happiness and self-transformation. All you need is an open mind, a curious spirit and the desire to beautify your life.

Yoga and Tantra practice are not only the best anti-aging methods, but also a way to improve your life and destiny, to enlarge your personality and attain self-knowledge.

We promote the teachings of US Yoga Academy, a school aligned with the spiritual teachings of Atman – the International Federation for Yoga and Meditation. Atman schools having tens of thousands of students all over the world.

Esoteric Yoga offers an integrative yoga experience, as it incorporates information from many traditional yoga branches and forms, such as:

- Hatha Yoga (specific body postures - Asanas, breath control and rhythm – Pranayama, essential methods of purification – Kriyas, mental focus exercises, proper nutrition);

- Karma Yoga (path of detachment in action, experience the state of communion with the Absolut);

- Laya Yoga (an extremely efficient method of meditation, based on previous mantra initiation);

- Maha Vidya (enter into communion with the 10 Great Cosmic Powers); - Bhakti Yoga (path of endless love and devotion to God/Absolut);

- Jnana Yoga (path of wisdom);

- Raja Yoga (path of intense focus, profound meditation and full mind control); -

- Yoga Nidra (yoga of sleep);

- Mantra Yoga (path of resonance with sublime cosmic energies), etc…

This strategic combination of traditional specific methods is designed to secure a healthy development for each level of the human being: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual.

The classes are based on a curriculum of ancient yogi techniques specifically adjusted to fit modern lifestyles, comprising: yogic techniques (body postures, breathing exercises, relaxation methods, etc), meditation, integrative approach to health (detox for rejuvenation and healing).

By attending the Esoteric Yoga classes you will learn methods that will help you:

- Obtain a healthy and harmonious physical body, improved immune system, eliminate excessive weight;

- Obtain a strong, sharp, focused and creative mind, improved memory;

- Experience elevated states of happiness, profound peace and calm, joy, etc;

- Amplify vitality and self-confidence;

- Increase awareness;

- Help you manage gracefully all life situations and your reactions to them;

- Amplify your beneficial aspects and alchemize all that is limited and represents a source of suffering in your life.

The main goal of these teachings is to empower you to live life to the fullest, to become aware of your unlimited potential, by taping into the energy of your Higher Supreme Spiritual Self, your divine nature.

You will also receive handouts with the techniques presented during the classes, therefore empowering you to continue and to customize your practice at home.

What is yoga? What can Yoga bring new and exciting in your life? How can you dramatically improve the quality of your daily experiences through yoga? Find out the answers to these questions through these classes and let’s experience together the advantages that a yoga practice has to offer. I would also like to tell you that THERE ARE NO DISADVANTAGES…

Esoteric Tantra (not only for couples) is a path of continuous self-transformation.

Nowadays Tantra has become more famous then known. However, most of the Western minds confuse it with sexual education, focusing only on the pleasures of the body, while neglecting its most import aspect, which is its sacredness, its spirituality, the source that actually amplifies all pleasures, taking them to a sublime level.

Tantra is the converging point of sensuality and spirituality. Tantra is the art of loving and of making love. It’s a path of meditation. It takes us from the finite to the infinite. It recognizes our desires as natural and encourages us to embrace our senses. It perceives the physical body as a gateway to our Supreme Spiritual Self, as the best tool to experience our divine nature, to unify with the Absolut, through the means of our sexual energy.

The curriculum of these classes are based on ancient secrets of tantra, specifically adjusted to fit modern lifestyle, representing a welcomed answer to the existing social and affective chaos that surrounds us. The tantric techniques include: body postures, breathing exercises, relaxation methods, massage, purification methods, meditation, etc.

There will be no nudity in the classes.

By attending the Esoteric Tantra meetups you will learn (in a safe environment) an array of practical methods that will help you:

- Experience life and pleasure fully;

- Expand your consciousness;

- Awaken and amplify your ability to love;

- Experience elevated states of love, profound peace and joy;

- Learn how to give and receive love;

- Discover the divine sense of life and of sexuality;

- Improve the relationship with yourself as well as with your loved ones;

- Deepen the intimacy within your relationship;

- Understand and control your emotions, energies and mind;

- Become a better lover;

- Attract your ideal lover;

- Transform your relationship into a conscious one;

- Amplify your femininity (for women);

- Amplify your virility (for men).

You will also receive handouts with the techniques presented during the classes, therefore encouraging you to continue the practice in the intimacy of your home and your relationship.

What is Tantra? What can Tantra bring new and exciting in your life? How many blissful states can you experience through Tantra? How can you grow through everything you do, be more focused, peaceful, energetic and healthy? How can tantric sex raise your standards about sexual fulfillment? How would you feel to live in a couple that is based on ever-growing love and attraction, freedom, respect and personal development? Find out the answers to these questions through our classes and let’s explore together the beauty of LOVE. I would also like to tell you that THERE ARE NO DISADVANTAGES…

Come and experience the joys of yoga and/or tantra through our classes, seminars and workshops and start living life like a master!

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