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This is the Halifax Meetup group of Esperanto Nova Scotia, open to anyone interested in the Esperanto movement or in learning Esperanto. We welcome people of all levels of Esperanto proficiency, especially beginners.

Jen la Halifaksa Meetup-grupo de Esperanto-Nov-Skotio, malferma al iu ajn, kiu interesiĝas pri la Esperanto-movado aŭ pri lernado de Esperanto. Ni bonvenigas homojn de ĉiuj kapabloniveloj en Esperanto, aparte komencantojn.

Click on The Canadian Esperanto Association (https://esperanto.ca/index.php/en/home/) to learn more about Esperanto in Canada. Retpoŝto/email: bob.williamson[ĉe]ns.sympatico.ca /

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Play Scrabble in ESPERANTO: Feb.9, 2020

Halifax Central Library

Join us early Sunday afternoon at Pavia, ground floor of the Central Library, as we chat informally in Esperanto, the international language of friendship. We will play 'Skrablo', a large Esperanto Ultra-Scrabble for 2 - 8 players! Bring your Esperanto dictionaries! Maybe we'll play a quick game of 'Pente' too, if we have time. The Halifax Esperanto group is open to anyone interested in the Esperanto movement, or learning Esperanto. We welcome speakers of all abilities, especially beginners. Duolingo students are very welcome!

Past events (65)

ESPERANTO, a 2nd language for everyone: Jan.19, 2020

Halifax Central Library

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