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Esperienza 2014 is a study by a team of 15 budding architects from India who’ve explored and eulogized the cities of Rome, Vatican, Florence, Milan and Venice to observe, learn and marvel at the facets of Italian Design and Architecture.

This study was a voluntary – non-profit collaboration between Indian and Italian Architects and was organized by DQ Labs. This team of student architects will share their experience and learning through photographs, and audio visual media at the exhibition. The highlights of the exhibition are:

1. Exhibits of visits to various cities, exhibitions, museums and buildings of architectural significance – Historical, Contemporary and Modern including the 14th La Biennale Architecture exposition at Venice with representation from over 60 countries and curated by Ar. Rem Koolhaas

2. Proposal of a new design element which will bring about a positive change in the Indian context, inspired by the Esperienza 2014 observation activities.

3. Petition for India’s representation at the 15th La Biennale International Architecture exposition. India, in spite of having outstanding architectural heritage and brilliant talent, has never participated in the event so far. It is in this plight that DQ Labs is initiating an effort to get India’s participation to showcase its architectural visions and representations at a global platform during the next La Biennale exhibition 2016.

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