• Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji will give a TALK and hold INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS

    6 AUG MASTER WILL GIVE A TALK -how to achieve and maintain inner peace, balance, mindfulness, and well-being; -on spiritual principles, which help to create harmonious relationships, pursue self-realisation, successful career; -on spiritual path and practices that help to grow, overcome difficulties in various circumstances. Mary Ward House, 5-7 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9SN Doors open 17.00, talk starts 17.30 Entrance by donation. ____________________________________ INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS-consultations with the Master: 4, 7, 8, 10 August. For more information or to book a slot: http://sanatan-dharma.lt/en/news/individual-meetings-with-shri-prakash-ji/

  • Free Individual meetings with Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji

    During the meeting you will get a chance to talk to the Teacher undisturbed, one-to-one. You can address the Teacher with various questions, like: -how to choose a spiritual path and progress spiritually -apply spiritual knowledge in day-to-day situations -build harmonious relationships -maintain good health -lead a successful career -gain inner peace and self-confidence The Teacher can also initiate into spiritual practice, give an individual mantra and teach mantra-meditation. Book a slot online http://shriprakashji.schedulething.com/ For more information call:[masked] or[masked] * *** When one is aiming to develop spiritually, the reliability and purity of the teaching’s source is crucial, because knowledge and practice should not be distorted by the inaccurate retelling, misinterpretation, human weaknesses or concerns. Spiritual Teachers or Sadgurus (true Teacher in Sanskrit) are great sublime souls, who have united with God and possess deep spiritual knowledge, insight and power, emanate spirituality. Sadguru comes to this world out of pure love to the humankind and teaches eternal truths, laws of the universe, helps to create a healthy, happy and fulfilling life and supports people in whatever they need. Read more http://goo.gl/VQBTP9


    St Peters Church

    THE SERVICE is a vocal / soulful and Chicago house dance party - drug and alcohol free. Tranform, dance, and loose inhibition For those who want to get high to the music and dance as one. our first event is an awesome hired space DJ - Kele Okereke entry £10 join our fb group and click 'going' ! https://m.facebook.com/groups/727161764049592/?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fgroups%2F727161764049592%2F

  • Summer Solstice 2012 Sacred Celebration and LoveBeam♥

    You are invited to join us for Summer Solstice 2012 Sacred Celebration and LoveBeam on the actual day of the Solstice♥ Longest Day and Shortest Night... Midsummer... let's honour the incredible strength of the sun and the divine powers that create life... let's honour Beautiful Gaia and the abundance she gives... let's honour amazing awesome life itself... let's honour ourselves and our wonderful friends... let's gather together in circles and feel love and unity... let's beam love, light and peace to Gaia and all Beings... let's play, sing and dance in joy... let's feel alive in nature... together as One... ♥ Summer Solstice actual time this year is Wednesday 20th at 11.09pm GMT... Summer Solstice energy spans a few days over the Solstice... Whenever you meditate at one of the Solar or Lunar festivals 1000s of other Beings will be doing the same... and the more Beings who participate the more powerful the effect for world and local peace... Let's unite in Love for Peace on Earth in these times of great transformation... The Time is Now... OneLove ♥ ☆☆☆ LONDON: ONE TREE HILL, HONOR OAK PARK, SE23 3QZ, nearest station Honor Oak Park (East London Line) 5.00pm Wed 20th June onwards... One Tree Hill is a magical beautiful idyllic SE London power spot - near the top of the wooded hill is a beautiful meadow (shown in event pic) where we will gather for conscious acoustic music, dancing, drumming, bhajans, singing, healing and meditate and OM to beam Love, Light & Peace to the area, Gaia & all Beings, with sacred Solfeggio sounds... Please bring crystals/special items for the centre of our circle, drums, shakers, musical instruments, picnic blankets, rain shower cover, lanterns, torches, outdoor lights, high vibrational natural vege food & drink (non-alcohol) to share. If you would like to acoustically share your conscious creativity and skills in any way would be wonderful - if so, please get in touch... drummers and musicians for the jam... music... spoken poetry... healers... yoga... poi... tarot... smudging... and more... Also if you could come early to help set up would be much appreciated - please get in touch if so & come at 4pm... This is a drug and alcohol free community gathering and will be a mixture of people - including some who are quite new to such occasions/gatherings... Contact: Essense Om or Jane ૐ Gaia on Facebook or email [masked] Directions - There are many ways up One Tree Hill. From Honor Oak Park Station turn right, past the allotments, turn right through gate up towards the church and past it up the path to the top of the hill. From Honor Oak Rise entrance the path leads up to the meadow on the left. From any other path go the to top of the hill. Then from top of the hill take signposted path to 'Ruth Sale Rise Brenchley Gardens' and meadow is soon on the right. Honor Oak Park is on the East London Overground Tube line and on the overground train line from London Bridge ~ One Tree Hill is only minutes from the station. Bus routes - P4, P12, 63, 363 ☆☆☆ MORE GAIA MEDITATIONS If you would like to do a Gaia meditation gathering to link up on Summer Solstice and wish to network it please get in touch with Essense Om on Facebook or email [masked] or [masked] or post on the wider Sacred Celebrations event page http://www.facebook.com/events/168699233261537/ ☆☆☆ PLEASE CONTINUE NETWORKING Would be great if you could network your friends by inviting them to this event... Please 'like' the Sacred Celebrations community page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sacred-Celebrations/216534401710700 The idea of the Sacred Celebrations page and events is to network and raise awareness of the Solar and Lunar cycles and special times to gather and tune in together and also to raise awareness of the abundance of Sacred Sites and Power Spots to be at... if you know of any it would be great if you could update the community page/get in touch... this will encourage others to go too... Wishing you a wonder-full magical Solstice... OneLove ♥