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Are you interested in Essential Oils but have no idea where to begin?

Perhaps you have already purchased oils but you were so overwhelmed that they are still in the box collecting dust. If you are in search of the support you need as an oil lover look know further. Essential Oils & Crawfish Boils is Louisiana's largest group of oil enthusiasts ready to share with you the knowledge you have been waiting for. Originating in New Orleans, our team extends throughout cities in Louisiana and Texas and we have a huge educational following in Southern California as well. Whether it is physical pain management or internal medicinal usage, we have an expert just for you. We center our workshops on themed topics that cater to exactly what you need. Upcoming workshops include but are not limited to:

Mommy & Me (Safe oil usage for you and your little ones)
Mood Management
Chakra balancing
Cooking with essential oils
Sports (Support for athletes)
Emotional balancing (Postpartum, bereavement, trauma etc.)
Gardening with essential oils

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